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Highest Game Scores (193)

High Score:20,800
Create Date:3 hrs ago
Most Played:57,671
High Score:52,000
Create Date:3 hrs ago
Most Played:315,816
High Score:26,000
Create Date:6 hrs ago
Most Played:81,415
High Score:31,200
Create Date:7 hrs ago
Most Played:42,331
High Score:18,400
Create Date:7 hrs ago
Most Played:8,695
High Score:24,000
Create Date:13 hrs ago
Most Played:43,265
High Score:15,600
Create Date:Nov 18
Most Played:45,416
High Score:90
Create Date:Nov 6
Most Played:7,528
High Score:34,000
Create Date:Nov 1
Most Played:233,488
High Score:13,400
Create Date:Oct 31
Most Played:10,013
High Score:10,000
Create Date:Sep 12
Most Played:14,389
High Score:97,800
Create Date:Sep 12
Most Played:305
High Score:15,200
Create Date:Aug 22
Most Played:118,674
High Score:715,730
Create Date:Jul 27
Most Played:55,977
High Score:16,200
Create Date:Jul 20
Most Played:951
High Score:23,450
Create Date:Jul 10
Most Played:2,528
High Score:62,960
Create Date:Jul 4
Most Played:14,333
High Score:19,720
Create Date:Jun 13
Most Played:1,157
High Score:20,500
Create Date:May 23
Most Played:486,475
High Score:3,881,800
Create Date:Apr 3
Most Played:1,229
High Score:15,140
Create Date:Mar 12
Most Played:99,596
High Score:64,000
Create Date:Jan 1
Most Played:4,866
High Score:22,000
Create Date:Dec 2017
Most Played:9,399
High Score:27,900
Create Date:Dec 2017
Most Played:27,959
High Score:12,000
Create Date:Oct 2017
Most Played:21,534
High Score:14,400
Create Date:Sep 2017
Most Played:3,084
High Score:62,536
Create Date:Sep 2017
Most Played:123,244
High Score:13,400
Create Date:Sep 2017
Most Played:5,428
High Score:13,400
Create Date:Jul 2017
Most Played:10,404
High Score:19,400
Create Date:Jul 2017
Most Played:9,099
High Score:74,500
Create Date:Jul 2017
Most Played:23,595
High Score:124,540
Create Date:May 2017
Most Played:31,267
High Score:19,905
Create Date:Apr 2017
Most Played:1,979
High Score:48,280
Create Date:Nov 2016
Most Played:3,403
High Score:6,952,250
Create Date:Nov 2016
Most Played:20,114
High Score:103,233
Create Date:Oct 2016
Most Played:77,135
High Score:51,900
Create Date:Sep 2016
Most Played:82,965
High Score:19,650
Create Date:Jun 2016
Most Played:64,721
High Score:23,430
Create Date:May 2016
Most Played:52,073
High Score:27,000
Create Date:Mar 2016
Most Played:1,913
This is a list of gamers who have received the highest scores on each game.
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