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Flash---Breaking news....On the factors related to....

severe Trump Derangement-Hilary Deficit Syndrome. With help from many astute CS Bloggers and Posters, the list of these factors continues to grow. We now have fully established the following diagnostic clues. Added to the compulsive use of yellow highlighted yellow dog journalistic fake news, VERY fake, are: Obsessive thoughts and behaviors, concerning various witch hunts. Add to this mild hallucinatory psychosis, most helpful to observing clinicians who themselves don't believe in witches. Borderline sociopathic furtive attempts to cover up grammatical/spelling errors. Errors in planning, insight and judgment--- as in, suppporting three years of repeated failed attempts at cancelling a legal election, all constitutional or otherwise, with general knowledge that the latest, and most hopeless, VERY hopeless, attempt, is absolutely doomed, VERY doomed, to ultimate failure, once AGAIN. A sense of glee expressed over falsely believing to be righteous in these thoughts and behaviors. And, perhaps most troubling, believing that some liberal females, even those of some fame, might be attracted to these syndromic behaviors and thoughts. For their efforts in these great discoveries, W and C and D, and others, have been awarded the VIERK Institure's honorary research scientist graduate degrees, with all full honors and privledges so conferred, and lifelong free Barvarian tap beer, in ice cold liter Oktoberfest mugs, with yummy German Wuerstchen/Broetchen, mustard and peanuts, in the Institute's political syndromes investigations dining room. Congratulations, gentlemen.

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