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On temptation

Life is a series of constant choices.

Adam was 50% of the world’s population when he took the first choice. The apple looked juicy and was being offered by the only one naked temptress around.

And the world never got back on the right track again!

With the second easement of restrictions coming into effect today, yet with active Covid19 cases consistently in double digits in the last days, indicating the possibility of the beginnings of a second ’wave’, today could be the date that might be marked in our history books as the day that was a break dealer for the country (Malta).

Of course it all depends on us. All of us, shop owners, retailers, service providers, customers, diners and shoppers.

And how we, ALL OF US behave.

The country is experimenting with a delicate tripod to balance health, wealth and peace. Naturally, there can be neither health nor wealth if peace is only found in RIP.

And in that one, as with the fact that the coronavirus does not distinguish, everyone is equal.

Well, they do say that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but in this climate, it’s better to tell Adam be aware. act safe and stay safe.



Comments (7)

Surely Eve made the first choice by taking the apple? Or even the serpent by choosing to tempt her?

What bugs me is Eve getting the blame for the whole apple thing and a fairly spiteful punishment, whilst Adam whined like a ninny to god that it was all her fault, denying personal responsibility, but you give him credit for the first decision.
Adam was a wuss.
they both disobeyed GOD's command not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
if they hadn't, they'd have had no children and then
there'd be nobody to post god threads on CS.
Well, I suppose we all watched a movie or two in our live
and what have we learned so far -If you want to make a great movie, you need a great team who knows their job
If you want to create mass hysteria -same requirement- a good team who know their job
Jac in the beginning, women had no vote. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Molly. I think he was the first opportunist head banger

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