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Ghislane Maxwell Wants To Be Released On Bail.....She'll Even Accept "Home Confinement"................She Says She'll Put Up A 5 Million Dollar Bond....She Has At Least Five People That Are Willing To Co Sign...One Of These Co Signers Is Her Sister
She Also Claims That She Is Not A Flight Risk..(Though She Has Connections With Some Very "High Society" People...And Has Moved At Least 10 Times In One Year
Plus The Fact That She Has At The Least?...Three Passports To Boot..Plus Some 20 Million Dollars Floating Around In Various Accounts

Ghislane Maxwell Is Facing Six Charges
Two Of Them Are For Perjury...That No Doubt Whatsoever These Charges Have Already Been Proven Already
Of The Other Four?
She Is Charged With (Among Other Things)..."Conspiring To Entice Minors To Travel And Engage In Illegal Sex Acts"
Now? The Question?......... Is This
If You Were The Judge?...Would You Release Her On Bond To Home Confinement?
Or? Would You Realize That There Are A Lot Of "High Society" People
That Would Prefer To Have Her Silenced

If We Really Want To Know The Whole Story And The Names That Come Up Will Astound Us?
It Would Be Best To Keep Her a** In The Jail.........................Otherwise

At Some Point?...Somebody High Up There?..Is Going To Put A Price So High For Her Head...That The News Will Be...("Ghislane Maxwell Found Dead") At Wherever That Place May Be
Or?...She Will Be Very Free To Be Able To Throw In Her Towel...And Kill Herself In Her House

I Say..No Bail...With 24 Hr Security Cameras On Her
And Then We'll Be Able To Know The Who Is Of Who
I'll Bet There Will Be Some Names That Will Surprise You All

And?..If She Can Produce Videos Of What Went On?
A Lot Of... "High Society's"... Heads Will Be Rolling

There's A lot Of People Who Are Worried Sick..Especially The Prince..Bill Clinton....And Others That Were Mentioned
Anyway...We Will Know This Tuesday ..July 14 20/20 When Her Hearing On Bail Will Happen

detective detective detective detective detective

Comments (40)

NO BAIL! Keep her "safe" in jail with cameras and the whole deal. She is bringing more of the dark, insidious child trafficking "system" to Light. It is damn time that people you call "High Society" must pay for their crimes against children and young girls/boys no matter how much 'greed money' they throw at the situation to 'keep it under wraps!!!!!!!! People MUST SEE what has been going on, not for just the last 10 years but for hundreds of years the world over. It may look horrible and ghastly, but our world must finally be cleansed and healed of this dark underLife and all of those connected to it - no matter who they are!
Ghislane Maxwell has been talking to the Law enforcement for years, the first time Epstein got arrested.

Unless, she lied they have vast amount of information of the abuses.

The act of using children into s*xual abuse (prostitution) is now call modern day slavery. devil

She will be kill and all those evidences (testimonies) will disappear.

"I Totally Agree With Keeping Her In Jail"
"Under A Constant Watch...24/7"

"I Want To See Ole Bill Clinton Get Put In The Public Limelight"
(Which I'm Positive That He Will Be Implicated)

"And Prince Andrew..............Who's Been To Every Place That Epstein Had Owned"
"He's Guilty As Hell For Sure"

"Imagine That All Of These "Guests" That Have Been To Ole Jeff's Homes?"
"Are Now Starting To Understand That What They Did There?"
"Could All Have Been Video Taped"
"Good God..The Pressure That They Must Be Feeling Right Now!!!"...................detective
Miss Amica

"The Problem The Prosecution Will Have Is This?"

"If All That Miss Maxwell Has Is........ (He Did This... And He Did That?")

"The Defense Will Tear That All Apart"......Why?

(Because The Law Already Has Her Dead Cold (Perjury).... On Her Lies She Said Before"
(That's The Two Counts Of Perjury That She's Already Proven That She Lied........(Even Without Without A Trial As Of Yet)

"If She Has Access To All Of Those Videos... Of The Shenanigans That Went On At All Of These Places?"
"It's All Over For Those Involved"

"I Can Guarantee You All This Though"

"Miss Maxwell Will Tell All To Get A Reduced Sentence"

(If She's Granted Bail?...That Means For Sure.... That She's Shown The Authorities The Proof That She's Got The Goods To Prove What She Will Say In A Court Of Law"

(There's Quite The Possibly...That A Lot Of "High Society Men?")...(And?..I Mean ...RIGHT NOW!!!)
"Are Hoping That She Dies...And Are Also Thinking?"

"How The Hell Can We Get To Her....How???!!!!!!!!!!!.............detective
No Bail! She's a flight risk...

"I Agree"............."But?

"Will She End Up Deceased Like Ole Jeff?"
"And The Cameras Weren't Working Again?"

"You Know Shawn.......People That Have A Very Lot Of Money...And Have Powerful Friends?"
"It's Amazing What They Can Be Capable Of Doing"

"Those Security Guards That Happened To "Fall Asleep"
"While Jeffy Boy Killed Himself?".."Or More Likely Was Murdered?"
"Got Paid Off Big Time"

"But All Of This?"
"Is Being Kept In The Category Of (Secrecy)
"I Wonder Why?..............................detective

"Tomorrow Is The Big Day For Ole Maxwell"

"My Money Says.......No Bail"

(And If She Gets Bail?)

(Somebody Took A Bribe)

"The "High Society People?"

"Want Her............ Out On Bail"

"So They Can Silence Here".....................................................detective
"Imagine This"

"I Had To Find Out Through The BBC"

"That Ghislane Maxwell Was Denied Bail"

"It's Going To Be A Long Wait For Her Trial Too!"

(July Of 2021)

"I'm Thinking That A Lot Of......... "High Society Men?"
"Their Ships Are Going To Be Sinking Pretty Soon"

"Knowing Now....... That Maxwell Is ..For Sure...Going To Make A Deal"
"And?...Is Gonna Tell... And Possibly?
" Show All Of What Went On"...........................detective
Trump and Barr knew Epstein was dead the first day they put in one of the most dangerous prisons on the east coast. Guards not even at their posts, cameras got broke-surprise,surprise, crooked warden, killer in his cell. Gimme a break, unless Maxwell cuts a hush, hush with Barr to cover Trump, shes dead too. Trump "wishes her well" laugh laugh laugh .
Maxwell is safer in this jail than the other jail Epstein was in. Should have moved in with Bill and Hillary a bit tighter South park brought me here.

Either way she is still a target on the inside or out.

My preference is absolutely no bail. wine

"Just Because Trump Had His Picture Taken"
"With Jeffrey Epstein Around 20 Years Ago?"

"Doesn't Mean A Damned Thing!"

"How Come You Are Not Saying Anything"
"About Billy Boy Clinton?"

"Who Has Been Recorded On The Flight Logs"
"Has Taken The Ride To p*dophile Island"
"At The Least?.....26 Times"...........................detective
Prince Andrew will have immunity. If he was being investigated with a view to prosecution, it's unlikely that he would have given that interview with Emily Maitlis. If you're being investigated you keep your mouth shut, you don't give away a shed load of information to facilitate a future interrogation.

If a diplomatic deal has been struck to protect Andrew, that protection will extend to other people: if Bill Clinton and other notable people are successfully prosecuted it would appear to incriminate Andrew. The Queen's reputation would be tarnished and the impact on the UK could be huge.

I suspect that Maxwell will get a fairly hefty prison sentence for show, but with a relatively low parole threshold. She won't get bail, but will be out in 10 years in exchange for not incriminating anyone who is part of a diplomatic immunity package. I suspect that she's fully aware that she has to comply to obtain protection and other privileges.

There won't be any justice here.
I forgot about Trump.

He'll get away with it, too.

I'm quite surprised he hasn't been assassinated, though. He might survive if he loses the election in November, but then he'll be eligible for prosecution on a number of different matters.

Andrew will be ostracised, but Trump will be removed from society one way, or another.

"Please Educate Me On What Donald Trump Has Done"
"With This Jeffrey Epstein Situation"
"Show Me The Facts As To What He Has Done"

"To Be Fair?..I Will Say That I've No Idea"
" What Trump Has Done That He Should Be Prosecuted"

"I Am Open For The Facts"

"If You've Got Them?"....."Then I Will Not Argue The Point"

"But?...I'd Love To Hear The Facts That Anyone Has"
"To Back Up These Accusations"

"I Suspect There Wont Be Any Backed Up Facts"
(But Then Again?)
"I Only Know What I Know"..........................detective
Heh Jac

"What's Your Position On Hillary Clinton?"

"In Your Mind Now"

"Did She Break Any Laws?".............................detective
Covered up by the BBC(bolshik brainwashing channel) Jimmy Saville the evil paedophile and I don't ever want people to long they covered up for this evil monster and all the innocent children...who suffered from the abuse...but on top of this...they knighted him and honoured him...knowing how evil he was and yet they are not punished?

The BBC should have been taken soon as the evidence proved they covered up saville...but justice never seems to happen...for victims...especially innocent children...

If you still believe anything...the BBC propaganda machine full of lies tells you...Then I have to question your sanity

Paedophilia on a mass scale...has been happening a very long politicians...the schools etc...but to stop it...every single evil predator...needs to be arrested and matter how respected....cause children will...never ever be safe...unless the evil is gone forever

Make no mistake...Saville and Epstein worked for the very rich and powerful the evil at work here...can bribe and get away with anything...unless the one's that know...have any goodness in their hearts to give a dam...enough to help protect and get the justice for the innocent children

The way the education system has been structured for children is a very bad sign and a sign...that paedophiles have infiltrated education everything needs to be investigated and the marxist education...must STOP..cause children are suffering greatly and so will society
"How Come You Are Not Saying Anything"
"About Billy Boy Clinton?"

"Who Has Been Recorded On The Flight Logs"
"Has Taken The Ride To p*dophile Island"
"At The Least?.....26 Times

Clinton isn't the president. Trump, has a lot more than a 20 year old encounter. The Sex pervert and whore/prostitute lover, Trump, was off on an affair with porn queen Stormy Daniels a few months after Melania gave birth.
Trump has probably had Barr coerce a deal with Maxwell to cover up any criminal activity by Trump. But as Chaucer wrote "murder will out".
:Again Comes That Word Ralphael"
"And It Is The Word"

(I'm Saying This In A Gentleman's Way Of Speaking)
"So Don't Take My Words As Charging At You"

"Probably Just Will Not Cut It Raphael"
"But Again.... To Be Fair With You?"

"Probably Could Mean He Did"......And?

"It Could Mean He Did Not......Right?'.....................detective
"Good Video Mr Lee"

"But?....How Does This Video Fit In With The Topic?"

"Is It That Trump Was Involved In This Stuff"

"Or What?"........................detective
"Oh Well"

"I'm Not Gonna Sit Here waiting For Facts"

"That Probably Dont Even Exist'

"If You Bump Into Ant FACTS?"

"Feel Free To Leave Them Here"

(I'm Outta Here!).................................detective
"Probably Could Mean He Did"......And?

"It Could Mean He Did Not......Right?'

Right. The reason Trump and Barr have a very, very bad smell in this is the death of Epstein. Even if Epstein committed suicide. The guards just happen to take a 24 hour break , the cameras seem to be broken ( a broken camera is a laughable cliche in sinister prison stories), the warden was corrupt and later fired, the prison was notorious for poor administration, who ordered a killer as Epsteins roommate? Finally who got Barr in place as head of DOJ? Who was PRESIDENT? I mean gimme a break, its obvious Barr set up Epstein for suicide or murder.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^Give the Lies a rest,Ralphy!comfort
"Gotta Keep On Driving Here Ralphy"


"I Have No Idea How Talking About Someone Getting Bail............ Or Not Getting Bail?"

"Evovles Into President Trump Killing Epstein!!!"

rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing ................................detective
I can't say I've bothered to look into it.

She lost my respect when she stood by Bill Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky thing. He betrayed Hillary, he outright lied to the public and I'm not comfortable with the possibility of an abuse of power for s*xual gratification.

Standing by him and going on with her own political career suggests to me she places political gain above honesty and integrity. She was a terrible choice to pit against Trump, as is Joe Biden.

If you watch the interview where Biden denies Tara Reade's allegations against him he does exactly the same thing as Bill Clinton did when he said, "I did not have sex with that woman." The words were 'no', but they both nodded 'yes, I did'.

I've also become very disappointed with Barrack Obama. He was brilliant in so many ways, but some things he did, the drones assassination programme and failing to close down Guantánamo Bay amongst other human rights abuses and war crimes in particular, were utterly reprehensible.

I think you have a terrible situation in the US where none of your recent presidential candidates have been worthy of the position.
"Well Miss Jac?"

"You're Honesty Is Complete"

"You Have My Respect On This Subject".................detective
I could be very honest about Trump if you'd like me to. laugh

Seriously, you're in one helluva shit storm at the moment and it's going to get worse.

I think US citizens should either spoil their ballot papers, or vote for anyone reasonable who is neither Trump, nor Biden.

Just find someone to vote for who is neurologically sound, doesn't have a personality disorder and isn't a s*xual offender, bigot, or criminal.
No bail for sure and yes kept up surveillance at all times ...........24/7
Miss BC

"According To Ralphy Boy?"

"It Was Trump Who Killed Jeffy Boy"

"So It Will Be Trump That Gets Rid Of Ghislane"laugh .................detective
I'm guessing there may have been a tremendous number of parties interested in doing a tremendous number on Epstein.

It could have been any of them, or joint effort.

It could have been a genuine c*ck-up followed by a cover up - I doubt many would want to see over-stretched, underpaid prison guards punished under the circumstances.

It looks terribly suspicious, but there's probably not much point in speculating about it.
Nam Her photographs of herself and Epstein abusing young girls of 16 have been photographed by Ghilslaine who enjoyed photography and one of the girls who is giving evidence maintained they seemed to have to have sex all the time.
There are paper bedsheets and nothing that she could hang herself with or do harm to herself with.
The Greatest fear for Guards is that she will be attacked and perhaps killed by inmates.
Epstein had paper bed clothing and nothing he could strangle himself with, I do not believe he hanged himself. There were too many high ranking skanks that had too much to lose.
Ghislaine is a risk, the photos I spoke of will be given over to the Legal team well before July when the court case starts and are very very embarrassing for many big wigs out there. So, many would like to see her 6feet under.
I have this weird feeling she will not stand trial. Some accident will befall her in the jail, it is notoriously rough and guards can be bribed. Enough said.

"According To Our Esteemed Rafael?"

"Trump Had Epstein Killed"

"So?...I Guess That"

"Trump Will Have Ghislane Taken Out Too!"

(After All...No Matter What Happens?"

(Trump Is Responsible!)..............................detective
Maxwell is a nothing, but it is possible the FBI might get something out of her if they can get around toady Barr.
Epstein dies under circumstances that are ludicrous its so obvious it was a set up. He was the the focus of the biggest trial since Lee Harvey Oswald. The killers must of been super desperate to kill him the way they did.
Wake up America!
"But Ralphy"

"Yesterday?...You Said That Trump Was Involved In Killing Ole Jeffy Boy"

"And Now?...You're Saying...... "THEY?"..................detective

The guards, cameras,warden, quadruple murder cellmate? Youre the one lying here!
I left out notoriously dangerous, mismanaged and corrupt prison Barr put him in!
@nam roll eyes

Trump probably acted with Barr and others - no single person could do it all, thats obvious.
How many others? Thats what Maxwell can help with > if< the FBI and DOJ (which Barr is now head of) can investigate without manipulation or corruption.roll eyes
Nam ~ I've followed Epstein and Ghislaine , it's a favourite pastime of mine. She had friends in very high places, Clintons will be involved, she has photographed and taped and there are names and the legal team have agreed to open but not to give anything away to the media as this could set a precedent amongst jury and judge so they can't.

They already know. I saw pics of Trump whispering in to Epstein's ear at a party with beautiful women around. Trump was a friend. You can't be a friend and not know.
I believe he was taken out. By professionals, and this would not be the first time it has happened. Ghislaine has been made to hand over documents 94 pages of names, phone numbers, photos are separate as are the hidden cameras in all his places [Islands and his apartment in New york]. Ghislaine was in financial trouble, she lived a high life. Epstein paid her 20,000 for doing the job she did..... and more.

She is nobodies fool and has zero remorse. The witnesses who were abused are credible and thankfully very articulate. It's going to be a long list and since Evangelists worship at the feet of Trump , he stands to lose a lot. I have no doubt but she will not stand trial. She will do a deal. She has a lot of ace cards and all those names. Proof.

If it is a decent country it will use the evidence, if not it will be destroyed and Ghislaine done away with.
Epstein was in Buckingham palace, royalty are always tutored on who to socialise with and anyone who could tarnish their name, they are advised not to socialise with so there is no way Andrew did not know, the dogs on the street knew.
* Sorry meant to say that any media leaks could set up prejudice against Ghislaine and so the documents will not come out until July next year.
I still think something will happen. She will not serve jail. That's for sure.
Watch: Donald Trump parties in 1992 with now-accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, pats woman’s rear end.
TRUMP said Epstein was a terrific guy who liked "young" girls. barf

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