Horrible Diseases: Rather Die than Suffer

If you had a horrible disease, that was only going to get worser until your death, would you want to die before it happens?

Many people face decisions like this everyday.

Even though everybody wants to live but sometimes pain makes life hard.

Diseases like ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Pancreatic and melanoma cancers, Meningitis, and many more.

Especially for kids, just coming into the world.

Not having time for play and the little joys of being a kid.

Life isn’t fair. But we can try to make it fair for us.

Some people were born with these horrible diseases or they develop it later in life.

It is always that one thing or place that happened at a turning point in their lives.

And it can affect them painfully.

If you knew that you will die later on because of your illness, would you want to die as soon as possible or when your body dictate the time for you to go?

This is an extremely difficult question to answer.

Nobody knows exactly what they will do until it happened to them.

Hopefully, the power of prayer or a divine intervention will interfere during times of trial and suffering.

God will find a way if he chooses to.

Also at these times, people shouldn’t give up.

If treatment or therapy fails, They should remain strong. Be brave. Be Optimistic. Stay Healthy, etc.

Have a positive outlook on life, if they can.

Who knows, their condition might improve for the best.
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no you can't came back to life. I want to live as long as possible. and when I'm a quadriplegic i want to set a new world record for running.
This is a tough one. True, some people would not know what they would do until it happens to them, but for some by the time it does happen, it could be entirely out of their hands. For some they may recover, but for some they may not and I would not want to suffer the indignity of that.
always there is a hope .nevre give up.
but we have to admit that we will all die one day.
maybe right now while am writing die.

In illness there is hope to recover.u need hope
but we should not afraid from death .
prayers is powerfull be happy evryday be ready wot happen evryday in ur lyf,think positive,God loved us and he want us to be happy.... n trust all wth him....
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