If you contacted the person first and they replied back to you, but you are always the one to initiate contact and they always respond back whenever you all communicate, would that get annoying to you?

Since sometimes you would like for them to contact you first on a dating site. Both of y'all seem interested. The person is attractive and cool.

And so are you. So any feedback. Have this happened to you? If so what would you do?
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yes I have , but I found that they really not interested at all it is just all show , forget about them and go to the next one hunteddybear
Miss Dynamite-

Online and in the real world, if you are the one always initiating contact with someone you are interested in dating (not speaking friendship terms here) then he is just not interested in you. Sure, he will probably respond and keep you around as a backburner option.....but simply put, if a man is interested he will pursue you.

Always judge a man by his actions and not his words. Men will tell you anything you want to hear, especially in the initial dating stages....but take all that with a grain of salt and just pay close attention to his actions.

Think about it like this...if your thoughts become words...and your words become actions.....his actions are showing you his true thoughts cheers

I say dont bother on this guy. He is probably the type to keep a woman at arm's length to satisfy his own needs......hug cheers
no if you send me mail i will mail you as long as you mail back also if your letters start getting short so will mine . unless of course you have taco flavored kisses then you would never get rid of me no matter what .lol.
Drea, good post.
Very Good Post drea
Thanks guys! Its a hard one to learn, but its so true! If only someone had told me that when I was 18 cheers
but when you were 18 would you have listened ?
well, thats debatable laugh

but if it was the right person, I think so. cheers

It would have prevented alot of bad decisions I made when clouded by infatuation handshake
i am so glad i came across this blog. that was such a great post drea. i have never thought of it like that and it is so true. i have been in contact with a few guys lately and only one of them seems to contact me of his own accord. the others just seem to respond to my emails and never try to keep a conversation going. i stupidly believed that they were interested but i know now to stay in contact with the one that does like to text me himself. thanks so much. i agree to that i wish i had of heard that a while ago and it might of stopped bad decisions but then again, i probably wouldnt of listened. i hope you get the help you were looking for from this thread dynamite, i for one would definately agree with drea. best of luck to you dynamite with whatever decision you make teddybear
I heard that the one that is interested is the one asking all the questions so if they are not giving you anything to answer they are not interested seems right to me and this 5 words or less emails
he is not that into you
when a man is interested he makes time for his interest dancing
I never initiate contact with anyone, it's called cowardice.
Thanks for y'all comments. I definitely agree drea.
He is just being nice to reply. He is not into you. or may be he is not looking. just bumming around on the site to kill time.

I used to write long mails to Princess Diana. But she would never write on her own. so after a while i gave up. fine. go and marry some guy who loves fat cows! and thats what she actually did! nd then went on to sleep around with the whos who of human crap!! frustrated

nd whats up with initiating contact and cowardice? confused
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