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Are there 2 Presidents in this photo?

A remarkable photograph purportedly showing a “young Vladimir Putin” spying on US President Ronald Reagan in 1988 has resurfaced online.

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Putin would be the man behind the young boy with a camera around his neck.

The incredible image was shared on Instagram by Pete Souza, a photographer who worked at the White House under the Reagan and Obama administrations.

It was taken during Reagan’s visit to Moscow in 1988 and appears to show a young Putin posing as a tourist to get close to the US leader.

Writing alongside the striking image, Souza detailed the story behind it and the reasons that have led him to believe the man pictured is, indeed, Putin.

“In 1988, I photographed President Reagan during his visit to Moscow,” he begins.

“Mikhail Gorbachev, the leader of the then Soviet Union, gave Reagan a tour of Red Square where groups of “tourists” (KGB agents?) were positioned around the square.”

In the photograph, President Reagan can be seen shaking hands with a young boy.

Several men are surrounding the US President, however Souza urged followers to “note the man on the left with the camera around his neck.”

Incredibly, the photographer only picked up on the potential significance of the image more than a decade after he first took it.

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Comments (4)

Putin wanted to be in the presence of greatness. thumbs up
Is the other guy,staged tourist, a young Mr.Bean? grin
You should see Vlad's love child...

Embedded image from another site

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