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Game 104 [ MLB.

Tag. } Best record in AL vs. Best record in the Show.

Or , the team scoring the most runs vs. the club allowing the fewest runs.
1st round goes to Mission Control who treated the SF crowd to plan 9 from outer space..
Featuring 5 RBIs from Altuve..2 of which was cranked with 3 other astro nots on base.
.. Houston arguably would have the best record already, but for reasons known only to himself, Dusty Baker has lost about 5 games for his employer..
Graveman ! Ultimate name for a closer....
..When Dusty replaced him in the 9th... Houston again flirted with bullpen dis Aster.
Not much interest in MLB here....agreed, it's tough to watch ,since so many pro Athletes have made a willful decision to be UN professional.
If interested, see the Eisen show interview where the Angel mgr. Answers the Q.."what is it like to see & manage Shohei Ohtani ? ..The answer occupies about 15 minutes of relevant which we gather there is NO one in the past we may use as a reference point. Just look at Shohei at the plate...
He waits for the right pitch...patiently...
When he sees it & hits is a sound like a cannon.
... And now, to prepare a more scientific account of everything under the Sun....r a n g e.[ 4.

Comments (8)

Off to the kitchen for Java...3:53 standard bat time.
And there’s me over in the bleachers...

cheering cheering cheering

I love how you talk about your baseball.
eYe dig that hat...they No liked it @ Dodger Stadium.

Remember that usher..?
.."what are you wearing ?"
Me..( what I should have said.)
Oh this !?... special Ops bat- hat.
Full disclosure...Giants came back to take the series.
I totally remember that guy even though it be years ago my friend. Can’t believe time flew. I love this hat as well. Makes me look spiffy. ;-)
eYe could be wong...but Houston is @ Dodger Stadium hasta la now.
I had to go all the way to the basement again to find your blog, but as always it's
worth it. danceline

I agree it is hard to watch when they are ACTING unprofessionally.
joycartwheel gotta go gnite
Thank you...
..Fresno has A league now

Can't say what's going on there...
..if they are going to play this disease routine
They will find a lot of people will not watch
Nor attend ball games featuring 104 degree heat
And a seriously over hyped & retarded mascot.

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