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The matter of fact: Nobody belongs to you other than somebody special, singularity is an exception

Sorry blog title blocked the enhancement of the crucial subject under discussion at a crucial juncture....lemme complete the title...
(To remind before proceeding further):
...singularity is an exception...
otherwise there is a huge number who are special someone, everyone of them are eligible.professor
In normal situations I don't wish to be called a Guru or a Professor. But the situation is abnormal and it compels me to come forward to guide you.
Please contribute to save the mankind. I tell you it's an emergency.
Come near anybody who you feel, is worth it.

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Your blog seems attractive but I couldn't understand it properly. confused

I think, it is something like this:
The ingredient to building a sense of belonging is effort. If you choose not to make the effort to engage with others you will never appreciate the sense of belonging.

Keep and teach with an open mind to allow doors to open,and practice an attitude of acceptance.

Life is a giant jigsaw but not all pieces fit the same puzzle.
I would agree that nobody belongs to anyone.

If I were in an exclusive relationship....key word exclusive....I would hope that our deep love exists for each other while our general lives belong to our own being. Whatever spills over from our deep love into our general lives would be a bonus (if it is good)....or crap (if it is bad).....but it should not be expected. We are individuals and I think we have been raised by society to be individuals and that is our true nature as humans. We should remain individuals even in a relationship....but of course, that could develop into a team, while in a relationship, if that is what both want.

I have been a in relationship where not much space existed...and it was not something I would look forward to again.

I would think a relationship where unconditional love between the two exclusive, loyal and true for each other in the relationship....and where each can do their lives, as they wish, with no reservations....would be a nice thing....and each in the relationship are happy with how each are.

No jealousy
No insecurities
No envy
No controlling
teenameena wink

Totally awesome....thumbs up wow
We all belong to the one who created us:God.
handshake Any clone does not contain a soul.

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