A thought arose during train journey.

Once I was traveling by train at night. While traveling, a thought came to my mind that if one man travels among 5 women in a cabin with 6 berths, then surely that man will travel safely, happily, sleeping comfortably among 5 women. He will not feel any danger among women. Even, if I were in his place, I wouldn't have felt threatened.

But if the situation is reversed, if a woman is alone among 5 men, will that woman be able to travel at night safely, happily, sleeping comfortably? Will she feel safe? Will she be able to sleep at night?
Definitely no, never.

Both male and female are born from the same womb, but there is a huge difference in the character of both.


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Even though...

we all look same as human
beings.... we... have huge
difference.. thinking.. and
hence the problem
mind and brain.... matters.
in other words..... heart
vs body.... try and
understand... what imean
my dear friend. sigh
Decent...... If those women with a ratio of 5 women to one man. That man would not be safe if the women were part of a hen party.
Well that is India.
Try Norway and you will see no difference.

A question: if one sleezebag in the 5 men group try to take advantage of her
would not the other 4 stand up?
One more: how often do a woman in such situations get gang-raped in India, daily?
Gang rapes happen here now and then,
but I never heard of one where a woman was travelling with men.
crown correct he would be stripped naked and beer poured on him and the girls would lick him to death laugh laugh
hello there ..... handshake

The number of reported cases of rape increased over the past years in Norway. While there were 1,286 reports of rape in 2015, the number had increased to 1,756 in 2020. The total number of sex crimes in Norway amounted to 6,874 in 2020.02-Feb-2022

What is the rape rate in Norway?
The report shows that almost one in ten women in Norway had been a victim of rape at least once in her lifetime.

India has one of the lowest rates of rape even if we take into account unofficial figures by various organizations. It's just that no Western nation can comprehend the fact that they have higher rape rates than some third world countries.

just saying..

Ok, so a woman can feel pretty safe in India after all then! Also on a train. Coool.
Sorry about or high rate. We must be a bit savage over here you see.
And also our One Night Stand rate is the highest in the world to top it off,
as a matter of fact.

O.P, listen you have no reason to feel that way! Okay. thumbs up
hello againhandshake

op of this blog not meant
anything about rape..
he just mentions the feelings
how a woman will.... left..
with five men all alone in a
night train... probably for
many hours i think...

please donot feel bad... me
bringing my earlier reply
to you... i just meant
woman are not safe any
where in this world... with
men.... i dont mean all
the time but sometimeshug
comfort handshake
Teeny. I'm fine. But tell your countryman that there is nothing to worry about.
Statistically the Indian woman in general are pretty safe
compared to other countries around the world.

As one famous American once said: "we have nothing to fear, except fear itself".

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

hello.. handshake teddybear
Once upon a time:
Twins born in a family. In which there was one boy and one girl. A year later a friend of the father of those children came to his house to see his children. Both children were sitting on father's lap. His friend asked, who is the boy and who is the girl? The father said, the child who is putting bread in my mouth is a girl. And the child who is eating bread after taking bread out of my mouth, is a boy. laugh

Some of the reasons for the difference in character of boys and girls are by natural and some are the result of wrong upbringing.

Girls are taught good manners, living in limits, respecting others, cooking, cleaning etc. But the boys are left outside like free-bulls in the society from where they bring filth to their minds.
Some lucky boys get good friends, good guardians, good teachers then they become good human beings.

I think all mothers should tell their feelings to their sons in the form of a story.
For example:
You should tell the stories of your school-days, college-days that when I was a young girl, boys used to harass me, I did not like it at all, I was afraid of being alone among boys. That's why my son, you should be such a person that no girl should be afraid of being alone with you. Before seeing a girl, remember that your mother was also a young girl in school-days.
Maybe in this way the ability to understand the feelings of girls can be developed in boys. A boy can be improved only by his mother because a little boy loves his mother very much.
When a person is a small child, good qualities can be put inside him very easily. After converting from boy to man, it becomes difficult to reform him.

Maybe in this way the new generation could build a fearless society.
sad flower
laugh laugh laugh laugh
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Women would never do this, but men are most likely to do this if a woman is alone among men. confused
This is not a national issue, it is an issue of men and women. How long will the constitution and laws of a country be able to protect someone? In spite of having so many laws, incidents keep happening.
wow no i dispute this, when i joined army as young women the lads (soldiers ) used to plague our barracks so we girls decide to entice them in a window (one at a time) and boy oh boy word got around and they then left us alone.

We then put all our knickers on a flag pole so when we were on parade next day and flag was hoisted we thought it sent a message (GIRLS RULE) grin doh but we were all then fined for disrespecting flag AND even girls who were not involved. Uproar ensued then rolling on the floor laughing fun days peace
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Girls try to attract boys with their attractive style.
But they don't do forcefully to anyone.
Another thought:

Suppose a man and a woman are sitting next to each other during the journey. Both do not know each other. If woman falls asleep and put her head resting on the shoulder of the man next to her, then surely that man will not move his shoulder. His shoulder will remain fixed like a statue. He will not disturb that woman's sleep.
If such nice incident happens to me, definitely I will also not move my shoulder. laugh grin

If the situation is reversed.
If a man sleeps with his head putting on the woman's shoulder, what will the woman do?
Will she shake the man and wake him up? Or will she let him sleep comfortably? confused

I don't know. dunno
She will move, if he's Donald Trump.
Yea, I like this question more. Interesting to ponder.
You are right about the man (statue/gent), he will not move very easily.
Well... a mans head is maybe a bit heavy? confused
Well... a mans head is maybe a bit heavy?

rolling on the floor laughing
Yea.... so if she step a side and the man roll down like a drunkie well...
maybe she can be understood a bit...
I mean her shoulder must get pretty soar after 5 min dunnit? teddy

if she step a side and the man roll down like a drunkie well...
laugh thumbs up

If it gets too heavy she can ask a man not far sitting if he would take over maybe... thumbs up

angel rolling on the floor laughing wave
laugh hug wave
I think, confused
If the man is good looking and decent, the woman probably won't move her shoulder, allowing the man to sleep comfortably on her shoulder, no matter how heavy his head is. grin
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