...r . a. n g e ( .13..

..w/ notes...
To daze x ray... yesterday once more..
....make this go ON ..For ever .} ..snow patrol
.b...play @ your own risk .} .planet patrol..
C......pop quiz.| . guess who .?.
..2. .stwy 2 heaviness .) .landing Zone.
1...all the Above. } Maino.ft. T pain
...also ran.} .please stand by. | .the outer . limits...
.. Parkinson bumps into Color. Ordinates...pt.2
( Despite simplification, technical gain improves...
....gold. .} . Interference...[ .dan..7:1
Daniel ./ Elton John.....
C.............{ ..dan.6:2....
2... Listen, learn..read On.} .deep . purple
1...Leap of faith. } .I Q.
...daniel says it's the best place he's ever seen...he
. should know, he's been there enough....
... having convinced my self it's a live Exercise, eYe now remind you. ) .. evidence screams continuously that the Recording Industry cannot let go of bible stories..) ..and the reverse Engineering thereof...
Isis & Osiris./ Ayreon.
The statue got me high .) .they might be giants.
Secret history of the human race.) Blood Incantation
..also ran.) Standing on the shoulders of giants.) Oasis
..Liner note. see. Enoch book one.
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Time stamp | 1911 ..pac. bat Time.
...live Exercise..
The task.. looking for a virtual doppelganger in
The super Position...but only in 1968 & only in
Pop Albums of said year.
Elapsed time for discovery | < 30 mins.
Viz....a.) .crown of Creation / Jeff. Airplane
..b.) .. Truth .) .beck.
C...THERE IS ..} .The drells
.2. this was. ) .Tull, Jethro
1.L I F E . } .sly & family stone.
...a. r . } . present tense .) . Sagittarius.
....pt. 2 ....spooky, No ? ...boo., stubborn donkey.
.the Savage Resurrection. } ..savage resurrection.
.b..) . journey to the center of the mind .) A . D.
C...there is ...} ...
.2. tomorrow. ) . Tomorrow. ) .
1..NO sad songs. ) ..simon
...also ran. ) . realization. | .rivers.
...ergo, very super Equivalent to the driving point...
..Bach to future...
..A poem Unlimited . | .U S .girls.
.b.) ..now Only ..| .Mt. Eerie.
C..... achtung ! ..psalm 2, 3 , et Cetera. } ..
2. . always & forever . | ..heat Wave. ) ..
1. Timekeeper | .R. Laws.
.. a. R. ) ..times UP .| .living Colour.
The codified Laws combine to speak for the
Sovereign Power, and all constitute but a
Singular statute..- west law, Educ. Code, CA.
..danger Will Robinson ! .. Parkinson meets saturation point & atomic Consequences..
Who built the moon ? .) .H G + flying birds.
. b.) ..superCalifragile. ) .game Theory.
C...who minus you = yah ! ..U 3...) ..next.gen.
.2.. who's next ? ..| ..who ) .world health obviously.
1... who'll stop the Reign. }?...C C R.
... also ran..) . Eli's Coming .) ..3 dog noir.
dog noir?
What about cat blanco?
I'm hoping that future critics & commentators
Will acknowledge the presence of bad ] . magic / maga...in almost every utterance of high Government official$....[ . examples par Excellence
I am the husband of Joe Biden .- Uncle Joe
I am the U S Olympic Delegation ..- ibid.
The super bowl came from Montana...g. who ?
..do you know what happens on Electric buses...
( ..2 minute b. Rain . Delay ....) ..) ..? ? . ? .
Nothing ! ..- high Govt. Official.
I ask you to remember that your Federal Government
Is LARGE....L B J.., 1964
Peace with honor..( ?)... Kissinger on behalf of Nixon.
Peace with B-52's...is what John Wayne & Homer Simpson wanted.
More of same. ) L P ...1965..
.a.) .my generation .| ..who..?
.b...turn,turn,turn.} .byrds.
C...MERCY ! . | .covay.
..2. HELP ! ..| ..beatles.
1..get the picture ? .| . pretty things
...equal + valance.....1964 L P .) .long play...

.. greatest live show on Earth. ) J Lewis
.b...just be True. ) . Chandler
C...this is US ..| ..the Searchers..
2. .dawn + 11 other great songs .) .4 seasons
1..out of Limits .) ..marketts
..also ran. ) Coast to coast. ) .d clark 5.
Danger Mrs. Robinson !
..the sub Ordinates approach saturation , chain reaction, critical mass...
Liner note on Isaiah 13:3...
..this is precisely how it would read if the select Committee was void of change donkeys..
.I give Command and I bring them; Giants are coming to fulfill my wrath, rejoicing & at the same time insulting.
..A legal matter / who. ) . world health obviously.
..super Position ) .young the Giant
C.....who knows where time goes ? | F C.c.
2...G I G A N T I C. } .the Pixies
1. Secret history of the human race ) blood Incantation
...also ran.) Isis & Osiris ) ayreon
The temporary yet super
Position of the horse Opera..

Do you realize ? ) Flaming lips
.. relationship of Command | at the drive inn.
Killing in the Name .| Ram.) rage against machine
2. 100% .| .sonic youth
1.rebellion ( LIE$ ) . arcade Fire
.. also ran.) . history lesson pt.2 ) . minutemen
The new favorite...& Spectiferous Edition.
Dawn + 11 other great songs | .4 . seasons
.b.).Piper @ gates of dawn.) .pink Floyd
C. .temple of the King.| . rainbow*..
2. Out of Limits .} . marketts
1...please stand by. } . ) .outer .Limits.

..also ran. } ..neon Bible .) .arcade Fire.

* And just in TIME for pride physics...wink
Trust me, I'm from the department of radioh.

Radio One . ) .A I R
.. heavens on fire .) .radio department
C...there is a Light that never goes out.) .smiths.
.2..turn on the bright Light .) .. Interpol.
1..I am. ) eYe said..) . diamond & my eYe.
...also ran.) .the Teacher. ) Tull, Jethro.

McNote.) ..there R yet 10,000 more extrapolate Co Ordinate..logical .. Eternal... positions... standby.
Purely physical..
.. everything I own.) .bread
Fragile. ) .Y E S.
C... achtung baby, yhwh.) .U 2
.2..such great heights. ) Postal service*
1. Made in heaven ) . queen
..* .to deliver mail is also to Control information.- Newman.
I luvs you Bob, I luvs you Bob!..........................wave
R U Shure ?...
..or is it just bee cause I don't stutter..?.
.. behind blue eYes ) .who
Now. ) . Maxwell
C. This is happening ) L C D Soundsystem
2. Right here right now ) Jesus Jones
1. .this was .) Tull, Jethro
What inspired the "Range" Series of blogs?.... if you don't mind my asking?
It's ok, mate, you can reply in code........cool
Finally a straight Question ! I just may buy sum Tequila to celebrate !!

Your question answered at range 1...or thereabouts
Look up the word..RANGE .in the fat red Webster Dictionary for the complete address..
Range can refer to ..radio... Mountains.. physics..
Football...and more..
Liner note. ) .how to develop depth of physics and of range.)
Hint. ) . meandering in gold, punctuated by platinum, hey Jude ! ..,
So the experiment now is to find Equivalency in this UN usual arrange - ment...
...psychobilly ) t0p 100
.. psychedelic..( . digital dream door | 3d.
C... solving for & segue to...
2..range 14..
1..heavy metal....} .. expected time for solve . 81 minutes... ) . standby...
Ok, I think I understand, now....confused
I still luvs ya, Bob...

This is not the solve...
..but readers may be un aware of Nashville & other parts of Amerika...this music is unknown in Valley radio, bay area radio, et Cetera
..they call it ..) .psycho Billy...) ..the flavor yields similar results from similar $pells....
A. .in the middle of nowhere. ) Silver shine
.b. ) .psycho Attack. ) .the Quakes
C...RED SUN | Crabs ! *
2..sound of guns . ) ..taggy Tones
1. Shoot . shoot..) . batmobile
..also ran. ) TV set. ) .the Cramps
*..when in search of degree three, we look for the highest value in the physical words, the most Energy, the purest logic, et Cetera..
Well, purest logic, is very good. We would still be grunting Neanderthals, in caves, without purest logic...

Furthermore, the red sun is rising in Chinatown, in Fresno, in Chicago, in NY...in Taiwan..
..all Logic indicates the super obvious..
Red sun ) crabs !
R E D .} .$ W I F T.
..did you hear me ? ) .red light district
..also ran. ) FULL COMMUNISM ) downtown boys
There is plenty of good old boys, (including here in Australia); doing their level best to stop that, Bob....

eYe eYe Captn' Bob!
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