What Biden has given us...

Inflation for one.

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He TOLD Us Exactly what he & the Marxist Watermelon 'Crats* intended to Do -
The US achieved Energy Independence under Obama -
The Don Built on that & made the US the World's largest Energy Exporter.

THEN 2.000 Mules gave The World the One Man Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
SERIOUSLY, Y'all ...

1) CONQUERER - Putin's off the leash ...
2) WAR - The ChiComs are practicing to attack Taiwan ...
3) FAMINE - E.G. 1/4 of S. Dakota grain crop went UnPlanted this Spring ...
Due to Lack of Fertilizer, which is Made From Petroleum Chemical Feedstocks ...
Less Planting = Less Harvesting this Fall - Leading To ...
4) DEATH with HADES in His Wake ...

sad flower

* Watermelon 'Crats - GREEN on the Outside & RED to the Core.

The world is using more diesel than it is refining . Pull up a chair and watch . Biden the teacher is going to give the world an economic lesson ,shhhh .
Biden has given us a country in which a rational, sane, seasoned statesman who has extensive experience in government both domestic and foreign, is the one with the nuclear codes.

heart wings

Thanks be to God. I pray a decade of my rosary for him.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Ol' Joe's a One Man FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE - That's NOT Hyperbole scold



You have got to be pretty delusional to honestly think that. Statesman huh? Like when he threatened Trump about taking him behind a barn and beating him up? Like he threatened and challenged a couple of others while on the campaign trail back in 2016? When he forgets what he's saying and drifts off along the way to whatever?

As for his experience goes, he may have a lot, but most if not all is pretty damn bad!
Yep that's the word Shawn delusional with a capital D.
No complaints from me.

President Biden on his worst day is much better than Trump.

Trump is the worst criminal to occupy the WH. Thug president. Tried to steal the election and trash the Constitution. Think about that. Biden would never do such a thing.

Trump is so dumb he thinks Stealth jets are truly invisible. Thinks wind turbines cause cancer and that toilets must be flushed 10-15 times. Trump never heard of a cat 5 hurricane. He's a complete moron.

Trump has symptoms of several types of dementia. He may have Alzheimer's like his dad. My wife had Lewy body. Dementia types have overlapping symptoms.

Trump has slurred speech, gait problems, arm weakness, glitchy spasms of his upper body, etc. He has trouble with word-finding and misuses words without realizing. Like when he said twice the "oranges" of the Mueller investigation. Or Combat Infantroopen badge. Yeah , that's what he called it. He can't drink water without both hands which shows at least one-sided weakness, maybe from a TIA or small stroke.

Worst president in history. Never again.
On the bong there woody ?
@Epirb, do you feel like me that each tame "they"
gonna say why T is bad And B is good...
you end up feeling like wtf is this all they got?
And you almost start laughing cos you see so easily
they swallowed the fed narrative and so totally missing the larger picture.

If a man must use two hands to hold a glass of water...
is that very bad compared to the other guy who gets
millions of dollars onto private accounts
cos he sold influence to interests abroad?

This is not comparing apples to oranges,
more like grapes to water melons!
can't help but see so many weak-minded people, supporting the demonrat party as they are doing EXACTLY what they accuse trump of. they're so delusional in their support, they sound almost, mentally incompetent.

they're soaking up the lies like dry sponges and projecting them onto trump and others.

we had the most robust economy, security, and period of peace under trump. the race war started by obozo, was allowed to be rekindled with the plandemic, and so much worse at faster speeds by demonrats.

funny thing about the election, not damned person can actually testify or say it was the most secure and fair, or stolen. ONLY full, actual, AUDITS, can prove that. and guess who refused to hear court cases or even do the full audits? for the currently demented, continueing to give trump rent space for free in their heads, you think your vote counts because it happened to be for the real threats to democracy that were able to steal an election, refusing to prove they won fairly and securely.
There are three types of people who support Biden , the sick , the lame and the lazy .
Freakin' SERIOUSLY?!?! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Ol' Joe built a near 50 Year "Disastrous Legislative Legacy" -
Representing Delaware (aka the OnShore Cayman Islands) -
Doing Business the Delaware Way - I.E. Corporate Owned.

Put Y'all's Selves WISE ...

He was Mentored by his Political "Father" -
UnRegenerate Racist DixieCrat, Storm Thurmond -

Ol' Joe's arguably the Last Living DixieCrat.

Statesman??? doh Like HELL! ... Ol' Joe's the Political Equivalent of a Hockey Thug devil

The stupidest man alive
thumbs up
That's Been PAINFULLY Obvious For 1/2 The Stupid Sum'bltch's Life ...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

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