The right is full of cowards, but the left is full of sick people.

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Absolutely Willy
What, he only have 5 views since the 11th of July... hope this boost his rating some.
Brilliant. Just one technical defect.
Whenever someone uses that rapid fire logic,
His head should either be uncovered
Or the bill of his cap pointing straight away. Hooah !
Then life goes on.
Humans. Problematic at best.
It's part of life. wave
I disagree about the Right mentioned in the op if it is referring to the Right in the general populous and maybe more than 74 million, as depicted below, are fed up and a little upset. hopefully vote this November......

Embedded image from another site
Leftists demanding we say "Minor Attracted Person" (MAP) cuz "Pédophile" is offensive to Child Molesters ...

Schools hiring Drag Queens to Séxualize kids as young as 3 yo -
And Teachers setting out pans of water for students who IDENTIFY as DOGS ...

The FBI Perverting the already Disgusting Patriot Act to Track parents who denounce such Crap at School Board Meetings as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS ...


And NOT Callin'' it what it IS - That's Sickeningly COWARDLY.

I'm Damned Glad my Grandkids will be soon be Quits with US Public Schrools -
And Pity from my Heart kids just gettin' into 'em ... broken heart

thumbs up great video
Ha ha ha nicedoh frustrated
You would think...(. Or hope..
..that after 240 sum odd years...
And 24 million$ of anecdotal & historical
Reference s....the public would figure out
That R & D are put in place to provide the
Illusion of choice. The Government itself 1$ always expanding per Dr. Parkinson's Time killer paradox.
Truth. ) Washington
.eYe know they Lie. ) 5 Amerikans.
Left Hand path. | Entombed.
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