Is it just me,or do you feel the same ?

I am sick of all the lovery dovey blogs, I know it is a dating site and all, but what about what is happening in the real world with you, I guess I am just to down to earth lol I would like to read more about the people then some of these blogs what do you think, I know some people wont agree with me but that ok
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...although some can be very entertaining!
that is true but we need more funny blogs,about our selves I think that way we can laugh at ourself, and have more funlaugh
Yes you are correct but the strong arm of the "law" er should I say blog officers made their mark here over the past few weeks and so people feel the need to post things that fit the mold of what CS considers appropriate

I like to post more random blogs but I have to be in the mood...I get pretty intense when I start writing so gotta have time to get in the zone cheers
people will be people they write about all kinds of things you should respect that and not be sick of it perhaps your need for love has caused you to be sick of it id love more blogs on love lest ye can tell how people are feeling and thats inportant and so is a good laugh thou go the pub enjoy ur self get out more if you want a laugh lifes filled with fun and all sorts thou expression of peoples hearts is worth more than gold and has a connection that can uplifts us or am i just be lovery dovey? i think we need more love in the world than meaniless fun to try to forget about about things they always come back.. love is fun!teddybear

I think you are spreading your messsage of love in a lovely way angel
There are no sad saints in India. Laughing at ourselves is a step in the direction of accepting ourselves just as we are and learning how we may judge ourselves. Others are a wonderful source to show us what we don't love about ourselves. If one reacts in an emotional way, it is something that one doesn't like in themselves. teddybear
dont get me wrong I belive in love, but is dose get boreing some times when that is all you read, people need to lighten up and have fun as well , love will never go away, but learning to laugh at oneself is a good learning tool in life as well wave
thats true and all have good points, thou as i say some people will talk on love some on joy other on mad things you choose what suits you best at the time you need to feel the best, all things are made in blance we cant always have fun and want to rid of love thats like saying put all the hateful people on one part of the world and the love ones on the other side lol, that dont work for we can all be many shades of emotion at one time inbrace it and feel it for it can tell you something in your own heart life is truly fab when we take the good with the bad and be happy.. sorry i love to talk lol... teddybear
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