Waking Up the American Sheeple

Twenty-five trillion in BP assessts would go to JP Morgan Chase Bank should BP ever enter bankrupcy & be dissolved, since JP Morgan Chase Bank presently holds 27.74 precent of the company’s stock, according to BP’s annual report. Media hype is frigthening BP. Media hype might be defined as PUBLIC FEAR & WARENESS. BP’s main concern right now is NOT whether its stock will fall to an UNNECESSARY LOW as a result of the disaster, as it so desperately wants everyone to believe, because BP’s total assets exeeds the estimated cleanup cost of one-hundred million, by nine-hundred, ninetly-nine times that amount. BP’s possessions are tremendous. The cost of damages, while they will be in the billions of dollars, is of no concern to BP. What has BP really frightened is that the American Sheeple might somehow manage to wake up. Wake up SHEEP!
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What connection can you see with the Gulf gush and the carbon tax? Is it just me or what that ironic? Also, what do you think about Goldman Sachs dumping their stock before the gush? DO you thnk that there is some sort of connection with Obama, seeing as G. Sachs was his biggest contributor? Who is going to get really rich from this new tax? Who will suffer?
sorry for this dear
i am 1000's miles away and still see that clear.
the american and not only seeple AINT gonna wake up.
we r just poor little men ,prefer??? to sleep soundly;;; leaving our and our children lives, in the hands of a bunch of incompetent and greedy sub-humans .
there is future on this.doh handshake dunno
I know I have already answered these questions in a previous blog, but here we go again. Obama is cleary using the BP oil spill to justify his fascist GREEN policies. It is quite obvious why Goldman Sacks & BP both dumped their stocks at the same time just prior to the oil spill? The evidence is growing that indicates that the crisis was deliberately contrived, either by conscious neglect or outright sabotage.
he he , I was being a bit sarcastic in my questions..pretty much asking of non-believers.

You gotta hand it to them, they are brilliant at what they do. Nongreens are turning green quickly after the Gulf gush. That is exactly what they want so when the new tax comes through it will be at a time when people will be begging for it.

Let's talk predictive programming. Did you ever see the movie "Knowing" with Nicolos Cage ( 2009 ). In one scene he is sitting watching TV and a news report breaks news of an oil spill in the gulf of mexico. Coincidence? No friggin way! Hollywood was designed for this specific purpose.
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