Operation Obama: a Real Fascist Threat

“The average American thinks of fascism as a bureaucratic-authoritarian form of police-state dictatorship which becomes more and more oppressive and stifling until it reaches a point where it can be called fascism.” – Webster Tarpley

But the word Fascism is more than just a noun used to describe a dictatorship or a police-state, which would have never been created if it did not mean more than just tyranny & oppression. People the world over have a total misunderstanding of what fascism means & how it came into being. The notion that fascism as the extreme form of oppressive ‘top-down’ dictatorship is a fraud, which Tarpley says is a ‘most dangerous delusion.’ Fascism can be most easily understood if it is observed as a political movement. Since a ‘political phenomenon’ can be studied for analyses. Tarpley encourages us to reexamine our present understanding of fascism. He goes on to say that many intelligent & serious people would have been forced to look at Obama’s ascendancy more critically had public opinion not been distorted by the intelligence community for the express purpose of altering the truth. Which Tarpley believes was the intention behind Lucianne Goldberg’s book “The Liberal Fascist.” Which Tarpley says is a ‘grotesque’ distortion of the truth. In reality, however, fascism was defeated in the United States by the New Deal, the brainchild of President FDR. Although Goldberg’s book would like the world to believe that the New Deal was the actual cause of fascism, a notion on which neither Abraham Lincoln nor Alexander Hamilton would agree. Goldberg concludes that fascism is the product of government intervention within the economy. Which Tarpley says is ludicrous. Goldberg’s thesis, according to Tarpley, is just another absurd attempt to further distort the American public’s view of fascism. In other words, the view of what fascism was has been deliberately revised to confuse & to discombobulate the masses’ perception of the true meaning & origin of fascism. A massive effort which has been orchestrated over the course of many years, which Tarpley assures the reader, did not happen by coincidence but by design. All the features of fascism currently are present within Operation Obama, the nature of which poses a real threat to freedom.
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Wow, you are way too serious! frustrated Go outside and play with the rest of the kids!!! comfort
A lot of words which only go to show that you have no idea what fascism actually is.

Fascism killed millions of people and had people (literally) at each others' throats. I don't think that Obama has this in mind.

You are confusing unpopular policies with a potential genocide.
Discombobulate the masses’ !!!

I like your Style!

When the Majority say's NO to a policy and the Congressman are directed by the Pres. to go forward and pass a Bill and choose not listen to "The People" I do call that a Dictatorship...

Keep up the Awesome Work... drink pouring
gees... this is heavy...confused dunno
Yep,Webster Tarpley,and his Good Friend LaRouche!rolling on the floor laughing
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