Obama’s March on Washington

Americans are not aware that it was Obama’s fascist seizer of power in 2008 that established the point of no return, just as it was during Mussolini’s March on Rome. That is, as far as political life & the rule of law is concerned. Just as it happened to the Italian people, it will take several years for the Americans to realize that Bush & Obama represent the same thing. If names like Giolitti & Facta mean nothing, then one must admit one knows nothing at all about the origin of Italian fascism as it emerged after World War I. But regardless, postmodern fascism is represented by the Obama candidacy. In the end Obama’s disciples will be disappointed. And as usual, the people’s rage & bitterness will be used to supplant Obama’s image with another demagogue. So Obama will not be the end result of fascist development in the United States but the beginning; more like the ‘John the Baptist’ of postmodern fascism. There never has been a political figure that possessed so many fascist characteristics as does Obama. There are many forces at work to confuse rather than to educate the viewers about fascism, like the Brzezinski MSNBC network. But the truth is there is no difference between Mussolini’s balcony speech & an Obama rally. And as time goes on & more promises are broken the parallels will become more & more noticeable. Everyone already knows Bush is a fascist swine. But Bush did not have what it takes to become a fascist leader. Never the less, Bush is one fine war criminal. For instance, a fascist leader has to be eloquent, charismatic, feral, energetic, cunning & most of all brutal. While Bush & Cheney are indeed fascist they simply lack the character to pull off a mass fascist movement. Mussolini & Hitler both claimed to be the real revolution. The reason: to recruit anyone who felt disenfranchised or anti-political into the ranks of their fascist movement. Hitler even called his movement the National Socialist, after his hero Mussolini, the father of fascism.
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who is Obama? And who are to be spouting off hatred. I think you need to take your pills now and go back to the asylum.
eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. no one must be dominated but no matter however powerfully lawful constituted an authority.
It simply sounds like the man did his homework. cheers
maybe this would be worth reading if you could spell.... however the evidence of ignorance as well as paranoia in this post render it a laughable irrelevance...
He must of mispelled a few name or two I think he did a fabulous job and he material/subject matter, means more then presentation and spelling?

thumbs up
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