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After maybe 2 wks of living through the "Didn`t get any call backs, so why care and follow up?" doldrums, and going to bed later than I should, I`m now getting back into the grooves of things. However, my sister says living on minimum wage I won`t get ahead, I`ll just stay in one place. I agree. So, after a nice long 2 hour bike ride, and a pinched shoulder muscle (OW!), I`m gunna get myself a nice warm bath, read some Great Expectations while drying my hair, and learn how to start a fundraiser so I can get a vehicle, and school tuition. Tuition is $5,400, tools I`ll need are about $1,250 dorms are free but I thought i`d be easier if I camped out with my own riding horse. So...I`m scouring for a good horse.
Due to just walking at night and not biking I gained a few lbs, but now the stomach muscles are coming back, and 30 sit-ups a night, 30 sit-ups a day. I have very strong legs at least. Imagine what I can do with those blushing
Unfortunately, all those education grants out there don`t work with this school because of the duration. It`s a 3 month course, accredited.
I`d like to get there ASAP, because I know I can do it. I refuse to idly stand by and give up. Even if the right man is too chicken shit to say hi to me, I can still improve my life, and adopt while I`m waiting. I don`t need a man to build a family, I just a man to listen, love, massage my feet, and give me a rockin` good night in bed rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Oh, well, there`s the understood part. Here`s the confusion. I`m clueless on how to run a fundraiser. Around here though, there`s a lot that can be done, artistically and musically. Had one last year for an artist who busted his back, think they raised $50,000+. They picked the perfect location too, by the Black Cat Coffee House which is filled with college students, artists, writers, and musicians. (starts pondering and hears Jeopardy theme song...goes back to her game of )
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you make me a bit concerned. If you look at the background of that link you gave, you have to be a good swimmer. Now, what I wonder - how do you shoe a seahorse ? confused
What happened to the tobacco chewing craigslist guy? Just a bunch of perverts hang out on craiglist and free dating sites anyway. Don't let it get you down.

Does your sister have more wisdom then you? Is she cute?
CraigsList guy makes a great friend but I don`t see a relationship. He`s got things he needs to work out in his life.
My sister, has had to grow up fast and didn`t do it well. Once she put down the bottle and faced her demons, she became a good sister to have. She`s 36, and married tongue
uhmmmmmmmmmmmm here .

Hi...I find it hard to believe you cant get a scholarship or grant based on being part indian. Or not even that, but there are a bazillion scholarships out there...

fundraisers...hmm.....well im assuming you could just do a raffle, and get some decent money beer
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