im sure most people on this site likes hotdogs how do you like yours
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is this another alien's trick john??
how can somebody like to eat a dog ???
its disgusting and i want to barf
no trick its a study of eating habits
u mean americans eat dogs for real ?? i thought chinese and koreans do that.confused help barf
i like mine wit fried onions n lots of chilli sauce banana
u eat ur dogs in indonesia can u??thumbs down confused barf
I love hotdogs and always have. I like them best on the grill and slightly blackened with toasted buns. Top them with mustard and onions.
hey john???
how hot my dog has to be before i put him on my sandwich??
and how do i have to warm it up???in an oven or out on my bbq???rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing help doh comfort cool
mm hotdogs are good grin

I either get them from Circle K, put them on a bun, with ketchup, mustard, jalapenos, relish, and onions mm mmmmm good.

OR sonics coneys, but the old fashion bbq hot dog is delicious!!!!!!! banana

thumbs up damn now I want a hot dog hahah
hotdog bread mustard cheese jalapenos more cheesewave
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