hi you already know i haven't found my one true love but i was just wondering what's it like to be a parent i really would love to know thanks johntheraven1
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It the best thing that ever happened to me. Total and unconditional love that for me cannot be matched.
sounds so great my friend
It is John, it changes you as a person and does so many other things. It puts things into perspective, changes your outlook, what you used to consider important no longer matters etc. I could go on and on so i best stop now, lets just say becoming a parent is a wonderful thing.
i believe you i can't wait
Well John... I'll tell you my point of view: Fear, an overwhelming sence of responsibility, absolute lack of freedom (at least of what you used to call freedom), no sleep, no resting time, no "me" anymore, just "us"!
Your life changes totally! And then, slowly, you discover joys you never knew existed!
Christmas, holidays, weekends, it all gets a brighter, beautiful meaning!
And their laughter! Oh my God, their laughter! It means the world to me... My kids are my strength, my courage, my sunshine... And even though I know I am and I'll continue to be sacrificing everything that used to be "fun" for me before they came along (as well as most of what makes one "respectable" in our shallow world, like career etc), I do it gladly! Because nothing can compare to a hug from their little arms!wave
i read this comment a few this i loved what you you said i really really can't wait i love children i have nieces and nephews thanks nymph my friend
Well..Nymphy..touche dear!
They are... a want more and more...hug
and more and more and more and more and more
being as parents the same as being a hero, how we make the children grow up, we take care of our children with our gentle touch, i love children so much wave
can't wait to have two kids
yes sure but how come no one is mentioning changing diapers, resource drainage, countless hours of no sleep, screaming, dirty and all the other hassel expected?

I think there is a huge down side to being a parent too ....
man if you put it that way i still love it
hey Junior...the bad..suff are easy to handle them...if you know how to see!dancing
taking care of an innocent creature sent from God and sleeping hours are not big issue
lol Hugh dear! No! 2 are ENOUGH!!!

and yes, changing diapers and all is...included.. And there is no "time out", no "break". If you are sick with 40degrees fever and they are sick with less fever, still you'll be the one to get out of bed and care for them. Your car seat will - for at least the 4 first years- be either covered in chocolate or ...vomiting!dunno Your living room, your bedroom, your balcony, even the toilet (!) will look like a playground! You can not watch your favorite show on the TV, you can not even write on CS blogs (unless they are asleep)... There is always something sticky (candy?!?) on your keyboard and you get used to eat your son's chewed food!sighand on and on...
Many people can not handle this ... Many ppl just go...
i think ill love every second
...which is the sadest thing for me... Ppl who THINK they want kids, HAVE kids and then, just want out!
true my friend
lol! nymphy ..but so true!
the way I see it is that people tend to get caught in what I call the 'new-euphoria' (meaning: enthusiasm in experiencing something new) that they tend to become optimistic to the extremity of oblivion towards reality!
reality is what you make it
i don't mean that being a parant doesn't have its pros too ... I mean would be nice to have a son and teach him math you self and football and fisihing and messing around in the car engine together and all this cute stuff .... (oh .. he HAS to have a flair for engineering else I'll reject him .. lOL ... kidding) but its best to be aware of the cons and pros before embarking on such a feat!

as nyph said above ... once in, u can't bail out ..!!
Paul.."get ouf of my bed!" rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing professor
who is paul and can i joinrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
typo"Paul...please , get out of my bed" mumbling
there we clash brother .... there is only one reality ... whether u like it or not, its there and it cannot be changed .... all u can change is your perspective. In other words, give that u don't like reality the way it is, u can either accept it and try to live with it (that's a dishonorable defeat but it feels 'happier' sometimes) or else work hard to try to get through it (i.e. solve the problem, in which case u risk despair and it could still result in defeat but at least its not as dishonorable as the first option.)

over to u john ...
Wanna be a dad John hmm? Well I'm sure u'de be a wonderful dad who sings his own songs to his kids. But don't rush to go there yet cuz once ur a parent there's no coming back...
I think i scared myself. -_-
ill go with you on that maybe its just a dream make your own reality but all we can do is the best we can

please don't send me away ... was the happiest man on earth in there

onofeathers47 your right im scared to
@10k" was that to ur parents or to us?? If that was towards us then... "Sorry kids should stay in their own room or else they never grows up. Night honey :)"
good question John! htf is Paul! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

guys...need to leave you, my time for beauty sleep! grin comment! your choose...your desperation...your life, enjoy it whatever you could! wine
night hughfrustrated
boys who hits their head on the wall don't get hugs... now who is standing by the wall??
good nap hugh .... I'll do my best to enjoy what remains of me life ... I'll start with a good cigar and a pitcher of beer ....


well ... that was directed to hugh. ummm ... donno, one could try giving the kid some whisky before gettin him/her to bed so that they don't bug u when u're tryong to sleep ... what do u think? loll ...
i like hugs pleaseteddybear teddybear
0_0...? ok that's it 10 ur grounded for a month!!
hug hug hug enjoy them john! yay
I'm'll be fine, junior! cheers
hey john...? how did we manage to get a kid who's older then me?...
onofeathers47 where is my hug
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