Love at first sight

Hi everybody,i just want 2 share this b4 going 2 there anything as 'love at first sight'?i'm not asking u 2 jump to unrealistic conclusions.i want answers based on experience.cos so often,u here people 'abuse' dat line all in the name of lust.though we see happen in almost all the movies we watch,don't u think love has something more to it than 'first sight'?how can u instantly fall in love with someone whose character is anonymous to u.based on what grounds do u instantly fall in love?is it the fear of being alone?or the burning urge for someone to satisfy ur s*xual desires?what about ur goals,likes,dislikes,hobbies and passion?are they similar to that of ur 'sighted love'?i think it has more 2 do with lust for the appearance than what people mistake it for-(love).
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In my opinion, love at first sight is a real phenomenon, but unfortunately most of the people whom you're gonna love according to love-at-first-sight instinct don't deserve this exceptional phenomenon.

Hmmmm, well I know several claims of men who pulled that exact same thing on me.... It was Love at first sight, and that was not by meeting me, they fell in love with my picture and profile.

But the one guy who claimed love at first sight, we had a very strong chemistry on our first date I would almost say it be true, that I believed it was love.

When I looked into his eyes, and said nothing, I didn't look away, I was comfortable, it was an incredible experience. So yes it could exist I guess, but I sometimes have my doubts.
Well here is an answer based on experience!
I fell in love at first sight, was engaged and married withing 3 months, had 2 beautiful little daughters, then sadly my husband passed away, but those were the happiest 5 years of my life.
Correction: within

Sorry to hear of your loss. If that happened to me, I would be sad, but glad that it resulted in the creation of 2 beautiful children. I hope to have a story to tell one day. I believe that I will come across this thing they call love soon. We are all destined for it. For if it wasn't meant to happen then why would we feel the desire to be with a mate?
applause Finally!!! A man that knows the difference between love and lust!
I would like to believe that there is such a thing as love at first sight. I have never really experienced it, so I can't say for sure. Physical attraction at first sight, yes, but not love. You are right that it is often touted in the movies, even in books, so I have to believe that it does happen for a lucky few.
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