Weddings: Love em.

I just went to a wedding over the weekend. Now I normally cry, because I wish that were me standing infront of a priest looking into my beloved's eyes and ready to say I do. But this weekend, it was a little different. I was a reader, so I didn't want to embarrass myself by crying infront of family and friends. So I asked God for a little composure. I teared up slightly as she walked in, she looked beautiful.

Now the ceremony may have lasted 30 minutes or so, but the priest had me laughing, because he said in his little pep talk; may you be sexcessful instead of successful. Everyone was thinking hmmm we know what's on that priests mind. laugh

And we as a family know how to party, and to think we all had a good time, and no alcohol was involved. Since it was on the church grounds, it was forbidden.

My great nephews did a little break dancing, my great neice lost a tooth, and Mini and Mickey Mouse made a special appearance and danced with the newly married couple.

Although I didn't catch the bouquette, I took it as a good sign. Because every wedding I went to, and I caught the bouquet I never met anyone, and when I didn't catch the bouquet someone special came into my life, so no more catching bouquets, next time I will be throwing it.....

So watch out world, I'm on the prowl for my future husband. laugh cheering

Lots of Love my fellow bloggers....angel
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crying crying Glad it all went well dancing

bouquet sad flower bouquet

bonne chance hug
Livin the dream,

Thanks. I'm glad it's over, and can now focus on me again. grin I know each of us will find what we seek, for God has someone for everyone, for man is not meant to be alone.

Happy hunting! hug
I agree 'man' is not meant to be alone hug

but what about 'woman'?? dunno confused

as for someone for everyone, handshake

Its a pretty big world out there help

handshake comfort hug
great attitude angel, you go girl...cheering
hug you always have our blessings and wish of luck dear sister angel..dont forget to invite when that time comes,good goodluckbouquet hug
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