what is love really

i need someone to truly tell me what is love really i still don't know im still kind of young trying to learn all i can i know love is real how do you know its true guys i really need some help to learn more thanks ....john
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Buddy , whats wrong?

Every now and than we all get a little down and question our own judgment!!

Im my #1 enemy!!cheers peace
Hello John ! wave

Just imagine that we're having a beer and i'm telling you that love is a word invented by jewesh, so they won't pay anymore for having sex ! All this as my excuse for not knowing what love is !

cheers cheers
just want to know love just want to truly feel love maybe im just losing my mind thinking about this but i just want to be loved and love this feeling i have now is not love
Sometimes I need a good kick in the a** so see what i need too!
dunno ......A figure of speech my friend!
peace hug
right maybe its just maybe ill be ok tomorrow i don't know
Just like me buddy!!...Thats why i did that last blog the way i did!!....I need to express myself without all the negativity i placed upon everything case i am the only one placing it there!!

The negativity specifically...Maybe u are doing the same to yourself bud!
cheers peace
maybe lets think positive about something nice like all the great friends we met etc
Im going to focus on those beauty full lady friends we made here!..
Why not!!...Whether im alone or not I will all ways have them sweet ladys here..... budddddyyyy!!
And VERY few male friends!!

But were cool man!peace cheers Smile ...I bet u have way more in life than i do!!.. grin
these beautiful ladies i met on here are very special love you ladies
That would probably make a good blog?....After all this is a dating site?
doh grin

It is What u say it is...It is what u make it!!
....Ive made it bad at times but no more!!.....

As u were soldier!!cheers peace
it's bigger than a breadbox . professor
love is.....something that cant be describe in words...its a feeling that only ur heart can speak..you will know it if your already feeling it...u cant explain....a mystery...wink
Hmmm John...confused That sounds like one of Adam's riddles!confused
study the master, and learn.
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Ben has the answer!conversing
love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love
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