eye color

what color eyes really turns you on and do you have bedroom eyes:
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swedish girls go made for north africans ... its such a sad proven fact ...

why am I not a north african guy!!!!!!!!!!!

moping moping moping
try for another country bro
i want a mixtur of green,blue,gray eyes,like snake eyes,,,whooohhhoo,,that would be anaconda bro.grin banana
listen kids ... lets just be frank .... there are things way more important than d eyes to look for in a partner or a potential one ....

who doesn't agree is an AH .... (lol)

laugh laugh laugh wave 10k,what is more important bro.iam attracted first on the eye of a person,before your,,aaahhh,,,laugh laugh laugh banana banana banana
umm ... since its a bad advert for me. .... I think I am gonna refrain from answering jed ...

uh oh
blushing you got nice eyes by the way 10kblushing cheers
ohhh !!!!!

I am completely flattered jed ... just made me day! (:

thx ...
HAZEL !!! That's what it is !!! Like Honey blushing if you know what i mean blushing

Nice question my sweet john cheers

Jeddah sis .. hug you're right Green/blue/gray is a turn on !! lol

Hi 10K nice Shirt !!! wink

hi swan ...

Thx for d compliment though my shirt doesn't even compare to your DJ!!

to me its not really the color but its the look they give
My DJ can take off some Shirts ..if you know what i mean wink lool

Aaaahhh John !!! Yes .. That Look !! Don't remind me !

heres a funny baby who can give you the eye,lol

laugh laugh laugh laugh banana banana banana
I like blue wave
jeddah i just can't stop laughing
i find blue sexy...and gray...thumbs up
i got blue eyes
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing hehehehe Jeddah !! that was priceless !!lol

john really..???

nice...applause applause applause
thanks friend
yah that was nice but i want snake eyes,,,,im looking for anaconda eyesgrin grin wink wink

that baby was awesome,really...thumbs up laugh laugh
@swan ....

hmmmm ..... I LOVE YOUR DJ .....

roll eyes
yea jeddah that's nice what do you think of blue eyes
i love blue ocean eyes too...gray and green,,
thanks big sis
believe it or not, ppl are attracted to what they don't have and the reason is that we are wired to seek genetic diversity which is healthy for d off-spring ....

then again ... most ppl over here will consider this as crap science so I'll t ake it back and shut up for good ....

sorry ....

its alright speak whats on your mind
I never even thought about eye color being a turn-on.
I don't think eye-color matters to me at all. dunno

What I like are nice SHOULDERS!!kiss yay
johntheraven1 oklahoma city, Oklahoma USA
3 hours ago
to me its not really the color but its the look they give
thumbs up thumbs up
thanks for all the great comments friends
Any color can. Just depends on whose eyes they are. As for the bedroom eyes...even my sis tells me I do! Lol.
fallgirl you have beautiful eyes
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