Galway cloudy

This is weekend 10/10/2010.
In Galway, Ireland it is a normal Sunday, cloudy but dry with a little bit wind. TV programs are not so interesting to me. But English is good to listen for practice.

In Hanoi, Vietnam it is the historical celebration for Thang Long & Hanoi of 1 millennium. The parades are so glorious in photos on internet. I am not there to feel the atmosphere of it. Proud of the nation, proud of the people and proud of myself who was born in such country of 4 thousand years of epic about forming and holding independence of the nation by paying blood, tears, lives of people. Glory Vietnam.

In Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, The big tide of 1.47m has damaged a part of dyke along Saigon river which is flooding many people's houses, streets. The residents have struggled to go home after work in flooded streets.

In the Mid of Vietnamm Quang Binh, Ha Tinh province. People have struggled their lives to survive after long heavy rains which flooded and damaged thousand houses and brought tens of thousand people homeless. Many areas are totally isolated and people of those areas are clothless, foodless and lives in hope of being rescued.
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Hi, were you really borned in Vietnam?
This is a nicest blog ever to me since the date I joined here bouquet
And yes, you were corrected, according to what you had added on your blog, plus, by the time I'm writing this blog, outside, raining heavily and flooded everywhere!! crying crying
But I read again whole of your blog, I don’t know if there is any irony or sarcasm but, yes, I confirm, that is Vietnam!
And just for your information that, no matter what/how the inconvenience the place I’m living, I’m still so proud that I dare to appear public as who I am, where I come from. Much better than a lot of other people, just hide them behind the screen or using other people photos, using fake information to talk all the BS!! That is really shallow to me!! Thanks for your proud to be Vietnamese. I’m actually proud only to be myself. You are seem a "REAL" Vietnamese!! bouquet bouquet bouquet
Mimi, did you hear the analogy with buses hug
Hello Hugh,
Comment on my new blog please! super super super
The analogy, yes, I know that, I know very well, Hugh!!
And one friend told me that, his long experience on this site, he knows very well that this site is full of BS, but anyway, useful to me to see the BS side of the life anyway, that is the reason I'm stay here and feel ao PROUD that I dare to appear real myself to the public, even it's BS... bouquet bouquet
i can guarantee you, that when Vietnam dries out, Galway will be under 4 feet of water.
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dear Mimi,

out of 9 comments 7 are yours , none of the author ,

does not look a bit weird to you ?rolling on the floor laughing
Mimi needs badly get laid,Mick

looks like is a general issue, what about launching a get laid

campaign ?rolling on the floor laughing
cheers I'm in dandiest brother, I'm the PR part! dancing
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