I need badly your advices... :-(

Hello everyone,

Hic, I need you all help again!! sad

With my experience on CS for only about 3 and half month but I believe that I had received quite a lot various kinds of email… BUT, just few minutes ago, below case had happened to me:

*** Quote of the sistuation ***

Email from stranger:
hi how are you doing?i was just browsing through the search page on here since am new here!!! and i saw this lovely pics and i decided to stop and say hi if we could both start up a relationship?

Mimi replied:
I bet you DID NOT read my profile

Stranger feedback:
i did
you are fool who are you by the way?

*** End of quote***

blues blues

So, my question is, how to respond to this guy?? sad
PLEASE, kindly leave your advices as I need your help badlly grin

Your beauty and lovely friend,

P.S. The emails quote is REAL, 100% TRUE. Not a joke at all.
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mimi, have you been drinking again.
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Hehe, hello Ben,

Nope, not drink at all.... buddies
so mimi, you are on a dating site, not to look for men, is that correct, re-write it, clearly stating you are not interested in a relationship, just here to blog., problem solved.thumbs up

No one i know said that to you i hope...
it was insulting and dont deserve a response!!

Take care my friend!!

comfort hug
Welcome to the club.
Every day phenomenon.!!(Scammers).
wine handshake
Thanks for your advice, BUT, WHY I have to repeat the things that my profile already clearly mentioned it?? I don’t understand, really.
I agree with makis!!

Hello Jack,
You are always the one gave to me a lot of surprised advices/said :-) – And, yes, I also don’t think that email is come from someone that you know! Thanks. handshake
Hello Makis, cheers handshake
I did not get any email, please help me out!!crying crying crying
laugh laugh

Moonlove, that is not an advice! blues grin
well mimi...

you are sweet...and a good friend!!

I would never stand here and let a friend get hurt without at least saying how i feel ,

I would not be a good friend if I did not say so!!

Expect the worst....Hope for the best!!
You will never be let down!!
comfort hug
mimi, profile says you are looking for men from 33-45, so they contact you, correct?wow
Hello Jack,
From your last comment, I take, “Expect the worst....Hope for the best!!”, yes, thanks. For the rest, honestly, I don’t understand the meaning probably blues
lol, Ben, yes, there is no problem for them to contact me, but, is it necessary to call me "fool" on the 2nd email like that?? blues
Gotitall, Gotitall you need to fall in love as i said before so you will bit reducing your annoying habits! I hope you find the queen who can capture your heart. bouquet bouquet
If you got one, dont forget to find a special one for yellow Romanian. love love smitten
lol rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Moon, you are so kind to your yellow friend! I'm jealous!! grin

No offense...
Im sure u would get more emails if you look like the woman that you are instead of a cute little teddy bear!!

I would just rather see a real u in blue jeans if thats who u are?
Just a taught!again no offense moon!

And Jack,
I should correct my previous comment to you, I don’t expect for the worst, I’m ALWAYS expected/hope for the best, but I’m aware of the worst and prepare for the worst.
ok i read your blog my friend my advice don't ask for advice just so you won't get bad advice
Hello John,
Thanks for your advice, but if you really READ it, you may know that it's actually NOT a blog to seek for an advice! handshake
How are you, by the way? :-)
im fine thanks my friend
You know mimi...
Even when most of us will take our wedding vows..
It will include worse times....All of life will have those challenges..

May be i dont get it either?....But i would expect that we all face them the same in the end....

The best way we know how!!

cheers peace
Hi Jack,
I have to say sorry again!
I don't get what is the relative from your "advices" to my blog?? uh oh - But it's ok Jack, don't have to explain handshake
the nerve of some people its ok mimi im here what kind of advice you need
sorry mimi...moping

I am not helping..
Take care my friend..
Have to get break fast and go paint an apartment..
Have a good day/evening!
OK, John,
Let make it this way...
From my blog, including the emoticons I stated, do you think what kind of advices I will need?? batting
OK, bye Jack, wave
Take care and enjoy your painting stuffs hug
And, have a good day to you too! handshake
sounds like a scammer just block it my friend
OK, John, thanks for your advice grin handshake
no problem my friend
If i dont kind to a yellow Romanian, who gonna kind to him? I dont think any.laugh laugh But hey, it would be my pleasure if you can take care of him!help help love love
No No No No (n times of NO) Moon stuck
My jealous was about your care to him but not to me! blushing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Dont get me wrong, this is just natural jealous, I'm 100% girl, not lesbian at all, don't worry. cheers handshake
hi Mimi, my little star! applause do you want some? drink pouring
I'm your little star?? Heheh... you made me shy, you know blushing blushing
Yeaaa... I want some, thanks... buddies
offff Mimi! hug yup! comfort
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