What if one finds themselves with too many options? How do you know whether you've made the right choice in a mate? There comes a time when shopping needs to be put on the ‘back burner’, and a choice needs to be made. “The big making oneself exclusive choice”… Scary thought! I always get nervous about this decision. What if you blow off all the possible future eligible’s and it turns out you made a huge mistake? I've experienced this more than once in the past where I made a decision, and it turned out disasterous. So I have come to the conclusion that unless someone rates 150% above the rest in criteria that is important to ME like: honesty, faithfullness and smashing looks ;P no choice will be made. Is this wise? Or will I be left single and still free to mingle? Or does one just know? Whats the point of taking a chance if you not sure? wink

I think if you the type of person to give more than 100%, then it's wiser to wait and make no decision until you sure of the other party. Not everyone likes to gamble with heart wings

Tough times ahead
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Life is risky.. isn't it ??

Like FORREST GUMB said :

"Life is like a box of chocolates.
Yoo never know, what you are going to get."

My opinion is to allways move on, and go for it, but
listening also the "weather forecast"....

if your that hard to please, in all fairness, why would anyone bother, you have the whole thing analized so much, where is the spontaniety,

thats why the men are with the younger girls, its wild and exciting, and spontanieous, your getting old, when you have to think like that.thumbs down
hmmm makis, good advice. wink
justaskitsfree - thanks I'll keep this in mind. although I always believed wisdom comes with getting older.
Men are with younger girls becasue they do not want to admit their own mortality. Peter
Calliopesgirl rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing - I don't take Peter Pan's with no pics to heart, especialy when they closing in on the 60's and still single.... And quite right older men with 'really young' women, I think its an ego thing. Actually I wonder how young is young considering someone are almost twice my age and calling me old.... GOLLY..... laugh
I didnt have you down as the indecisive and insecure type !
there's only one choice and its the choice of the next generation pepsicola
men are with the younger women, because they are gorgeous, flirty, and h*rny as hell, with no agendas, except sheer pleasure, its wonderful, dont talk about deeper meaning, 6 inches is just fine.
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You make the list of SPECIFIC criteria (not general ones like honesty, etc. because you never know if someone is really honest unless you spend some time with him) and choose 2-3 the most important if you're looking for a serious relationship. If a man has them - give it a try, if he doesn't - don't waste your time. smile If you're looking for fun - nothing matters, because it's only temporarily and unimportant. smile
if u wanna swim and ur not sure how deep the water level really is,i suggest u dont jump immediately head first but enter the water slowly and let it rise gradually!dont give everything at once otherwise u would be left with nothing.GOOD LUCK.
Wise words Shirali!!!
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