No money, no honey

I ended up with few relationships, my girlfriend left me recently because of i cant support her financially. I have money to support her but I dont want to give out all my money for her. No money, no honey. I want to date with a woman who not up only for money.wave
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it's a compromise you want your money ? or snuggle with your cold pillow everynight.laugh make her happy she makes you happy then everyones what ? happy .laugh
in that you are wrong syc,if you want a serious relationship,its not what a person have that matters..if you only want to someone to warm up you pillow,you need a whore to do that who only want your money and leave after sucking everything from you,lol including your wallet and they make sure that your pocket have holes.aaahh,,whatever you wanna think about it,grin doh my brain is not here i guessdoh good weekend blogger and you syccheers
your getting me wrong jeddah laugh any guy would save alot of money just being with a whore twice a month or once a week laugh im sure every woman wants a guy who doesn't pay the rent buy groceries pay bills utilities and spoil her once in awhile right . lol im not saying only the guy pays everything it depends who makes ,more money and who pays what we all live in the real world right . lol love don't pay the bills and on them cold nights better pay that heating bill and make your girl happy to so she's snuggling up on you. haha keep it real. hahahead banger
who will ever say that no one needs money????

everyone needs money....

if u wanna contact the person u need money to call him or her..

if u wanna reach her location u will need money to go to her place,,,

if u want to settle with her...

u need money to support both of ur needs and wants...

tho life is not all about money...

we must accept that we need it to survive,,...

and life is .... not all about money...THATS TRUE...

but its a NEED...sad flower
Money is not everything! What matters most is the undiluted love. Though you have to support each other in each daily lives but a true and long lasting relationship should not be based on money. Money is the root of all evil things and it says again that if you don't provide for your family (which includes your Girl Friend or Fiancee) you are more worst than the unbeliever...

It's all about being supportive and as well not going more than your boundary. Try and help her even though you can't raise the whole money.
My ex-girlfriend left me early this year the same week I got laid off from my job. That was rough to deal with, but we live and we learn. That just means that she was not meant for me.
Sy, I agree with Jeddah, if she leave after she sucked everything, you gonna crash up with life. You heart broken and your gone. What you will do?
Nice and easy and leaonmatch, are you girls up for only money? leaonmant, not only men have to find and support everything for women.
robsantiago15, that pretty suck. bf doesnt giving me money but i love him....before....i was faithful..but u know....i mean im just being practical...well i not there when u spent all ur money with her...thats too bad...i hope i woudnt experience the same....i need true love...smitten for now love sucks...devil
yes... no money, no honey... but just bad girls like think like that....
1. do not ever pay anything for him ... unless you are sure that she is suitable for you ...
2. see first, whether he was a good girls or just want your money ... because all girl are good girls.... because a good girls will not take advantage of his boyfriend...
3. if your girlfriend just want your money, leave him.

professor comfort peace
thumbs up xinchen,well said,,,a man sometimes needs to spoil their gf,but not too much,,,some girls will take advantage sometimes..same goes with the man,i guess...some man want the gf pay,but we should be fair when we are in relationship..being in relationship and just fooling around is way different of course....but with someone you love,,i guess,fair share or depends on both.sharing as well as communication will strengthen a relationship not only on money mattersteddybear teddybear
I didn't understand xichan, ur language likes a buddy Chinese two letters in my mailbox. R u Indonesian Chinese?
yes, all depends on personal ... if he's a good man, he can surely find a good person too..
have a nice day....
yes.. i indonesian chinese... sorry about my language... i have bad english... doh crying
It's alright girl, my english is not good either. comfort
ahh heck' who cares about silk knickers if ya man in boxers is silky smooth batting
You really seem to have bad luck my friend...finishing a relation just because of money means they were never relations but just fun. Probably for both of you. But if you really think that the reason these relations were not working was because of money I suggest you to consider how you built up the relation yoursefl and which importance you give to money yourself in your life, that could be the reason that you only found women who were interested in money.
I recently gave up a very well paid job , and I say really very well paid, to support a company which has many difficulties and is trying to get better again... they cannot pay high salaries , actually if I look what I earn I shake my relation was bad before , when I had a lot of money, and did not get better now, but I found a lot of interesting people ( and women) around me now more that it was in the past. Sure , before I could have had a woman wherever I was going (especially in Asia) but I considered these women as they were considering me: a way to have fun.
But life , according to my opinion, is made by a lot of different things than just fun , and at the end all these things are even funnier than the funniest life you can have when you only look at money.
Obviously my discussion is valid only for those people who have enough to survive and have a decent life. For the others we should make a complete different discussion but I guess it is not the right place where to make it.
margi, u r right, life here suck. Ur girlfriend loves money, and her family loves money. How can u end up with?
Neverdie44 - I think Margir is absolutely correct! I think it depends on the Culture and Country that you live in. Here in Michigan, USA the economy is not doing well and many men (and women) have lost their jobs. I have a good job and it would not make a difference to me if my man did not have a job, as long as he was trying to find one or going to school to improve his life.
lol, just had to comment... The title justb says it all, my man!
Your girlfriend was obviously a "good time gal". If she had been a true life partner for you she would have helped you through financially difficult times. Life has many ups and downs. One day we are in work, the next minute not. It is during those down times that the partner gives themself completely to helping the other. Without reciprocity it proves that, in this instance, the woman was there only when times were good. When the going got rough she left. Well, so much for her. She only showed what she was truly like: mean, selfish, and callous. You are better off without her. Take heart, because of what has happened there will be a much more caring woman for you further on in life. A long term relationship be it marriage or otherwise is a joint collaboration between the two. Any woman who goes with a man for what she can get out of him materially or financially is not worthy of him. I wish you good fortune with your next lady.
I hope u will get the best one for you.. Keep trying... hug
I would do anything for this girl I have just met on this site.Although we never met I would buy her the world and make her happy. She is so nice and good looking.The only problem is that she says she has a bf.I am not sure he loves her though as if he did love her she will not be on this website !!! Correct ? So yes, I would give this girl all what she wants..... Its in me!When I love , I love .....
She sounds very off without her.wave

Though no one likes a tight arse...giggle
u deserve much better !!
you are better off on your own than being with some-one who is materialistic, good luck. cheers
try to read a blog name : indonesiamatter - dating indonesia girls
and you will understand why SOME girls in Indonesia behave like that
but again, it's you who in the relationship with her so it's only you who knows whether her love is for real or not
Thanks guys!handshake
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