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what if you love someone so much that you can feel it inside but that someone doesn't want you no more they even said they would rather be with a scammer i cant move on im trapped in this life i love but she doesn't love me anymore i cant even think without seeing her my heart is bursting what do i do just be alone ..... john
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Hey john it happened to me Once actually but theres nothing to do except move on. Its their loss at the end of the day. Rejection is not nice for anyone. But try hard and move on and show her ure fine without her...... Even if ure dying inside !! Try to b strong. Its not a nice feeling especially if u really loved her. I did more than i could to get him back but it ended up worse. Im sure ull find a nice person. Theres plenty of fish in the sea ..... Talking from experience ....
thanks my friend that helps alot
hey, i just know that a scammer is loveable...head banger
who is a scammer
John I think hurt and fears could also be a great opportunity for one's own inner growth, to just be with the feelings without engaging in them.

Feel that aloneness - perhaps it has something to show you, something greater than the 'happiness' or empty space you feel would be filled in being with this other person.

...says me being on a singles site! But then again, I do enjoy writing and connecting with people : )

Take care ..
right i understand thanks
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