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What in the world would I want to blog about? I am not really sure even what it is. Well, here goes. I am looking for a man that is serious and wants to settle down, there I said it. It is so hard to just come out and say that because it frightens so many men away. I am an old fashioned girl who wants the 20, 30, 40 year reunion. I want that man that I grow old with. Who doesn't? The only thing is...I fall deep, when I fall. My past two relationships have been VERY stressful and I am just looking for one that starts off and continues with hoesty and trust!
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Hi Sweet Darlin Ali, . .

I kinda think you're lookin to meet real people, and find some happiness, . ..doh

and by writing your first blog, . . .I think ya just took your first step, . . dancing
take your time my friend the light shines bright on you youl find it
At least you already try to do something better than nothing at all. Its your first step & hope it will go well

best luck with what you wanna find or looking for handshake
May be you have had chosen the wrong kind of men. We often fall for the same type again and again. Good luck comfort
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