men are hard to deal with...

a man was complaining bout dealing with women...he asked me..."why u women are hard to deal with?" that very moment i was not able to answer coz in our case he got a the back of my mind i thought...." it really us women who are hard to deal with or u guys?" when these guys want to do something....they would not consider feelings....they just do what they wanna do...and that is something that makes us girls go crazy....why u men are hard to deal with huh????
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I have feelings. I talk abiut them and try ro make the woman I'm with happy. After a few months they break up with me. If we men treat a woman right the woman walk all over us. If we treat them bad and not care about their needs they want us more.
aww..this one u say is not applicable to the other some maybe but not all of us women are like that....u see....moping
sad flower I'am sorry you r hurting. but if it helps u fill any better, after shopping to pick out some red wine, go to the bath and beauty section, get the G O O D bubble bath stuff. sad flower That kind that weman LOVE to get cause it massages their back while relaxing in the bath tub. Just B E F O R E you step!!! sad flower YOU can take all the time you need for the bath. xoxo
I know that all women are not the same as you should know all men are not the same. You seem very nice from your blogs and forum post, you will find the love of your life that you are searching for.
that would be a nice idea....hmmm.....well...i can shop but i need a credit card.....laugh
yeswho....thx...i appreciate that....dancing
We are just different. It has to do with the hormones. Men and women often don't understand each other. It is all about balance and some arguments get us just closer to each other. If we would never have disagreements, would it be not very boring? It is like soup without salt. confused love
men are from mars and women are from venus....thats why....thumbs up
i think women are much much harder to deal with dear
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