Women who swear like "sailors"....

Some women here swear like "sailors"-Men what do you think about that? Would you take them home to meet mom? Does it bother you? Or does it not bother you at all? Or do you prefer a more " soft-spoken" women?
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appalling.... better fing a guy than a woman of that sort ... a guy who swears like a sailor is not nice but doesn't impress me at all ....

sexist? yep ... but that's the way it is ...

swearing here on the blog/forums is not actually swearing though ... i mean ... u oughta take whatever happens here with a pinch u know....

roll eyes
10k-I am surprised you are old fashioned!! I used to swear like a sailor too...but now if I swear everyone looks at me like I have gone crazy-rarely do I unless I see someone abusing an animal or something, and then even I am surprised!!
Winha, one of my best friends-a great gal that was in the Navy for 20 years does too and I do take it with a grain of salt...it is my own personal choice but I still hang out with her!
This is a major turn off for me. ALot of women think it's cute or them showing how strong they can be but in most cases it's anger issues or just down right bad manners. It's so unlady like. I swear/curse @ time but know when to cut it off or on. Now behind closed doors or @ that time of the moment anything can go!!!!!!! LMBO
Around me I like them soft spoken but If they
meet my family they can cuss all they want
they fit in just fine with my brothers
'old fashioned' ain't nice ...

moping moping

10k...it is very charming!!! lol!
[email protected] Our Families! My sister can top them all!
What happened to my comment??
Dear Raynin...I am sure you put sooo much thought into that comment but it created terrible images in my brain which I didn't wish to have...you can edit your own blogs you know-that way you can eliminate "blog hijacker's" or anything that is too too much! Sorry. My blog.
well it depends on what the swear words are ? i swear but only when i am totally ticked off but not really bad cuss words or totally offensive either but i would have to be totally ticked off at somebody for that to happen. It isn;t ladylike to be sure but my Aunt god rest her soul swore with the f*** word ever since i knew here and probably had more than that under the guise of french words too but she was the sweetest lady going and the funniest woman i ever met. she swore until the day she died. mind u with a name like Bastarache and got called bast***d everyday of her life after she got married, i don't blame her really.....lol. she was a loveable, colorful old lady and if i have half her Sophianess which was her favourite off the golden girl series, and am as loved as she was i will be a happy camper....lol.. so yes i don;t think swearing is ladylike but she was an exception to the rule in our family. ....lol
link to my recent poll:

...And, no I very rarely swear, and when I do it's just mild. Don't think it's nice to hear women swearing, but that's just me.
Thank you ladies for your input!
I think swearing shows a lack of intelligence and creativity. The more I'm around it, the more I say it sigh
saseycats-I like to say words like" impecunious" and other words...keeps them thinking!! laugh
10 K U R too Cute, and FYI Hell yes, they take home to Mama...I just leave after dinner and don't usually return...LOL

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Good Morning girlfriend,so this is where you've been.Well here's my thought on your blog...as we live in a society where women have come to strive so hard to be seen as equal with men...she has forgotten her femininity.So when you hear a women swear like a truck driver or a sailor,(and don't get me wrong I can swear to when it fits the moment) but it really stands out.
I believe the language a person uses demonstrates their character.
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