There are some really dumb people who can't seem to read or pretending to know Jesus Christ but their hearts and actions prove otherwise. Bible says over and over again that the Jews Israel are God's people. God came as a man as a Jew, that kinda proves it all doesn't it. Romans 9 has been taken so sickly from the acts of Hilter and the root of the World's problems for Centenary's.

I am a Gentile and proud and thankful for the adoption by Grace and Love by Jesus Christ. There is no replacement theology that makes any sense. I will personally debate anyone with their bull shit any time any place. Bottom line read the end of Romans 9 it never said the Gentile will replace the Jew. Paul said, by the act of the Cross of Christ is salvation for all!!!!!!!!!!!

And for radicals who want to kill or attack Israel are what we call the church or dumb people who waste life wanting to replace people rather than loving God. You are profiled in John 15 that is rooted and thrown in the fire as worthless. The tangible Christian are the ones who abide in Jesus Christ and live a life of respect to peaceful people and Love.

Please I don't care what religion you are, please lay down your swords. Look at the big picture please hate the act of hate. Please don't stereo type people give them a chance to prove character and respect towards mankind. Be a thinker for yourselves, create a mind set you are a independent one of a king. You are not born anything but who you want to be. Be yourself and love yourself, and please reject the act of hate and war. PLEASE
God Sense 101
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independent one of a kind
sorry for the typo

I had to write this in safe mode based
on hacking and harassment.

basically had to fight to write
sad isn't it?

are we really free?
Great blog I too believe in Christ, his actions and words give me not only peace but an example to try to live up too.

The supernatural war in the heavens rages on and the fallen ones spread that war to this realm as well but youre right we can resist the urge for hate and war
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