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The parallels between Iraq and the Vietnam scenario are gathering and more than a few people have noticed. First advisors, then support personnel, and the next thing you know we are right back in the middle of it again. Supporting freedom is a long standing policy of this country, but in this case there seems to be a clear distinction. They (the citizens if Iraq) don’t want us there and it seems to me that we should be listening carefully. Once again a president mouthed the words about past investments of money and blood and how we needed to protect our “investments” and once again a lot of people are asking exactly what investment he’s talking about.

The interesting thing is that their own parliament has clearly stated that what is needed is a divided Iraq with one half for each of the two major factions. As was seen with the large wall that cut through Bagdad, when separated, the two factions tend to get along much better, but the question remains, if divided by a common boundary, will both respect the others rights and properties or will there be just two more countries that are constantly feuding with each other? History would suggest the later.

Of course the president stated clearly that US ground forces would NOT be involved in combat, but we’ve heard that before and from my own experience, any special operations forces are not going to stand back and not defend themselves or those they are associated with. Combat is inevitable and while “A” teams are specially trained to manage rather than fight, don’t kid yourself into thinking once the chips are down, every member will hesitate about firing a shot in anger.

A simple review of history once again shows that the most intelligent, yet caulis thing we could do is to step back and let history run it’s course. This is a fight between religious factions that has existed long before we were involved and will do so long after we have withdrawn. If you look at Vietnam today, the country is far better off since our withdrawal and while they are communist, the people are prosperous, happy, and successful … something that cannot be said during the French and American occupations.

It is said that the ISIS is sophisticated, publishing financial reports and other activities that make it “special” but a simple review shows they are not as smart as it appears. Like any army, they have logistical problems and living on the spoils they capture is not sustainable. They are also too thinly distributed to seriously hold their ground UNLESS the populations want to allow it and that is indeed the single greatest indicator of what actions we should take. Simply put, if a population is not willing to stand up and fight for themselves, we should not spill one drop of blood fighting for them.

So here we go. The only winners in this conflict will be the companies that supply the arms, supplies, and services that we contract out. If congress things a 7% approval rating is bad now, just want until those body bags and coffins start showing up on the nightly news. And lets not forget that the DOD is in the middle of cuts to the defense budget. Is the president so uninformed that he can’t see what will happen to the budget with a supplemental heal care, a newly financed VA and a swelling military complex? Anyone that can balance a checkbook can, what kind of calculator is he using?

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Just my thought on:Of course the president stated clearly that US ground forces would NOT be involved in combat,

You have more than enough PMC's scurring for that job.cheers
You can't believe anything Obama says, except he is committing troops whether they be advisors or what. In Vietnam, that is how everything started there.

These people have been fighting each other long before the US became a country! Let them work out their own solution! I believe it would be highly advisible for other countries in the region to help sort their "neighbors" mess out!

Just my opinion.thumbs up
This stuff and Western involvement goes back to the days of Lawrence. A pox on him and those worshiping him.

Yeah, if fired upon any one in that situation should shoot back. The real question becomes why is he there and what is the end goal? Is the end goal tenable? I don't see a bi-sected Iraq as realistic. That ignores the Kurds (who incidentally are a bigger problem for ISIS than the Army of Iraq is). Could be the whole thing (the country) just disintegrates into another Lebanon with little feudal states or unending war like in Syria. Could be that is exactly the end goal of some people. Why worry about taxes and pollution laws if you can just pay off some local warlord and not worry about the workers or their living conditions or the pollutants you dump into their drinking water? Yes, religious factions lay at the core of the fights. Also battles between those controlling the oil rigs and those needing a better infrastructure in their home villages or more 300 miles away. Should oil money go to Swiss Bank accounts and pay for luxury villas and fast cars, or should it go into education in the remote villages and development of a culture of equality? Should we enforce the swapping of the dictatorship of Nuri Kamal al-Maliki for someone who may become a new even worse dictator, or should we just throw up our hands and walk away, letting the chips fall where they may?

Happy i be that i not be making that choice.
I must say that I will jump in here.
The reason the us stepted in was Kwait. Did any one follow the history.
Then it was weapons of mass distruction?? We remember that, right?
The twin towers. Still trying to melt that pot on my stove???

Every time we go in, we shread the people. The contractors rebuild and rape the country.

The question I keep asking, is:
Does a forigen country benifit from anglo sacton rule??

Viet Nam

Just to name a few.

Just a question.
LoL, Japan certainly did under MacArthur. So did South Korea I think. But I agree pointing to gains for the lower economic strata in the other countries is harder. There is also the issue of who does the measuring? laugh
Ken, you are pretty sharp. Sorry this blog is so old.
i feel that the subject is excelent, maybe another time some sharp minds can take this subject and run with it.

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