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What bring you to CS...?

Me.... In the very beginning was wanting to find a "friend". After the rupture of my marriage, habit to have someone before, then suddenly I find myself alone, realizing that I live in rural area where the possibility to know people is limited, for awhile I see that CS could be the solution. For some people it is, for others it is not...
After sometime, I don't see anybody who could be a "friend" of mine. Then I changed from "looking" become "not looking" and just read blogs.

I find my sister addicted to CS blog. She also has similar situation as mine... Lonely. But then, I see the more she knows people in CS, the lonelier she is...

CS has millions members across over the globe and I guess their reason to be CS members are the same :
- lonely
- broken heart
- looking for friends who has similar situation
- what else....?

What is your reason? What was the thing that bring you to CS ?

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ic ame because of friends o guess,,,but all i got was some who forced me off here as i am now,,,,(i only came on your blog because your still friendly,,i think) but its just to say what i said,,,,,and then back out i go,,,,,you cant talk with some one on here (on their blog)without oyhers coming in amd telling you what to do,,,,,they have their little gangs twinkle,,,,beware,,,,well...i moff again amd thats where ill stay,,til i finally get the nerve to break away and delete the whole show.....
I also came to CS because of loneliness,,,,and thought I could find a friend here. After fighting off the scammers and all the young boys, I joined the blogs,,,,and I say I have found a few friends here,,,good friends I should say,,,but the loneliness is still there,,,sad flower comfort sad flower
Love hopefuly!tip hat
I would like to say something to mr Nam without him taking offence,,,please try to get rid of all your anger and sensitivety for your own good, we got on so well before,,,,but now you find fault with everything and everyone,,,,I only wish the best for you, as I do for all the Cs friends,,,,,so come on major I know you're a nice guy!!!
Initially a combination of loneliness and boredom. I have found some long distance friends here, so for me it wasn't a waste.

That being said, we should acknowledge some of the most interesting people live far, far away. :)

Guys.... My apology for not being able to call your name as I only online from mobile....

Yes, I also notice about the gang, scammers, advisors and those who get lost.

Sometime, I feel good knowing that I'm a kinda person who doesn't know and don't like small talk. Things I said is really from heart and mind. I think I seldon express my sympathy such as "I'm sorry to hear that...." Or "I hope you...." Or commenting someone's blogs if it is not really my mind or my heart whisper.

Loneliness is a powerful killing machine. Thanks God, I'm able to control it by erasing all my expectation toward strangers and focusing myself to myself.

Every woman has masculine side, I made this masculin side as a male friend of mine. Every man has feminime side, I don't know if male could treat his female side as his friend. But what happens to me now is that I'm less lonely since then...

Still I come and read blogs for intermezzo... And I'm trying to stay netral (not in the gang or so)....
Howdy do Twinklewave
I come here for a distraction from the real world
with the hope of an attraction outta this world.

Guess what i'm saying is ESCAPE is what brings me here.
being on Cs is no different to what happens in real life.
If you have joined this site to make friends only, you have to expect it will take time, just as in real life there are groups of people that have formed friendships over a long period of time.
Surely we can not expect others to accept us until we have given them a chance to get to know us.
This sometimes takes longer than just one or two blogs, it can take up to weeks or even months.
be patient, do not disregard those that may not seem friendly now, cause in time, you may just find out that they are good people.
Sometimes, we take things in life and here at Cs to seriously.
We are what we are, i dont believe anyone has come here to be deliberately rude or mean.
Maybe some have turned that way, just as in real life.
Enjoy, get to know each other, and dont rush anything,
friendships take time to form.
laugh I typed in desperate, lonely, and sexually deprived,
and this site came up.
Very funny Pedal,,,rolling on the floor laughing yay
wave Hello Twinkle, I find chatting with people chases those lonely feelings away. And there is always a few comedians on here to put a smile on your face.yay , and there are afew that get you thinking. yay yay
I came here long time ago. I found good people and got new friends too. Im back now thinking maybe this time Ill be lucky enough to find love too.
Have a nice weekend!!! hug peace
I don't what brought me here.laugh

I was searching for some other websites and up pops CS so since I hadn't ever seen a singles site before and never chose to search for someone online I decided to check it out.
What bring you to CS...?
To kill falsehood.
Well, I came, because someone said they saw Elvis in the house, so I decided to stay until he shows up. (:
To kill falsehood???
Explain me more please..... Falsehood?
It reminds me to one movie of leonardo decaprio when you come to CS to escape from real life. The movie is about dream in a dream, multi level dreams and his wife escaped from real life by staying in a dream. Do you feel better in CS than real life?
And I quote (Explain me more please..... Falsehood?)
Read jaywalkin's blog religion on the most viewed blogs & there is an other blog that I posted last year few days before Christmas which was removed by the owner of this website because there was a protest blog against it.
I hope you know what I mean. Have a nice day Assalaamualaikum.
Hi Twinkle,wave

I enjoy the interaction with other bloggers. Have made some friends around the world which I would have never made and that would have been my loss.rolling on the floor laughing

I think this site is fun to be on.yay
I came over here to divert my mind away from somebody's rude behavior which had a deep effect on my mind...and honestly speaking...the mission was accomplished within a fortnight of my stay here...but now I got involved...and so thinking seriously how to get out of this web...matter of fact in sum to other and other to still another....
I found this site by chance and curious what is online dating, reading around I found blog and forum is fun so I decided joining it.

After joining I found it's quite annoyed by fake profiles and liers, scammers too. Thinking about leaving but blogging makes me stay because it works to me as random dairy when I feel so lonely in this world...
I am sorry I couldn't put the complete html address. Put this blog name or copy and past the html address into the Google search engine and click search and you will find out why I mentioned to kill falsehood.
False Festivals of Satan & there followers

the same reason I joined Facebook... curiousity...

CS was introduced to me by a friend...At first, my will is to find someone to share my life with.

But as I stayed longer in this site. It's not the thought of finding someone but it's the other way around..Letting this someone find you.

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