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..........bringing tears ......... one's pulling nose hairs out ....ouch that's gotta hurt ....

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look ...I can drive with my feet ...

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have a nice day wave wave

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amen cheers
Hi Virgo wave How are you?kiss
Yes wouldn't believe it .....I got a letter from the Inland Revenue ....or tax man ....normally its about how much interest my student loan is incurring ...but this one was different ....

I have a TAX REFUND $120,16 may be I can get a new fuel pump for my car or take a holiday over sea's ...banana
and I just found a 2 $ coin on the ground ....must be my lucky day banana
Hi VirgoSinge! wave

I'd say, take a holiday oversea! hug teddybear
cheering ...............
teddybear bouquet teddybear
It's your lucky day alrightkiss
Hello there lovely lovely ladies!! teddybear teddybear teddybear hug
Hi Mimiwave teddybear
hi ..............banana wave wave comfort comfort hug hug kiss kiss yay teddybear teddybear
Cant you just cut em V???? confused Hi everybody wave teddybear
some times its better to pull them out ........banana
teddybear bouquet Have a good day to you too!
funny picture.....laugh
Virgo, just don't care about your nose hair, and enjoy the day! head banger laugh

Or, are you having a date? uh oh dancing cool
Btw, Virgo! I guess getting the car pump has more sense..laugh laugh
..and get rid of that cat going to steer.. laugh cats meow
and have a good day ........teddybear
hei... that is my flower... scold

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