if i have no one special than what can i do

if i have no partner in the real life, and i will need some one special for love and sex,
i also hate the prostitution , not like any type of illegal sex to any body else except the real partner so , how i will relax my self , how i can satisfied my self blushing blushing blushing barf barf very mad doh doh
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Rest in Peace... laugh
how about some self love ! sometimes you have too make yourself happy!!happy place
Redo... I know what is self love..laugh then who should he kiss?
who ever he feels like its his dream!!kiss
Smarty, when was the last time you were kissed?lips lips lips
Well, start loving yourself in order to attract love...heart wings

As for sex, well... what do people normally do to satisfy themselves without partner?dunno hug
Give it a good Turkish Tug on the pipe and think of Greece.
rolling on the floor laughing
Jim... last kiss got last week end JIm... kiss kiss
Stop turning women off with your blogs might be a start. wine
Happy to hear you say this KN, but doubt the owner of this blog will understand what you try to tell him.wink
I think you need to reevaluate yourself. Prostitution really? Get a grip dude. There are millions of us who can go without and be happy. Learn to appreciate life as it is until something else comes along. Then enjoy that too. Life is a journey. Learn to enjoy it. roll eyes
What KN said thumbs up
You might try changing the approach.

Can't envision any use for a woman except sex? Good luck finding one to jump into that raft with you.
Ken....that got me..rolling on the floor laughing
Noticing also the many many blogs you have written which were obviously designed with attracting a mate as the primary intent, not. laugh

Let us not forget your classic, "Why many men have dogs instead of wives."

Or your display of political acumen in your blog titled "There was not one Jew killed by the gas chambers."

Yeah, as indicated previously, you may wish to clean up your approach. Work less on jokes for the guys or less about showing your love for not eating pork and write more about why women would find you a good companion and someone they would want to be around, even if there was no sex.
I was not going to comment but KN said it right!

Your coming on too hard with women and all people as well. Mellow out and start blogging about pleasant things. Your blogging is a little too hard. It turns people off!
I am not wonder he posted blog abt something not decent and go...

look, what is his origin country... pls dont call me racist but I knew them very well....thumbs down
Is this Your way of courting a woman?
How is it working for you so far?

violin violin violin violin violin violin violin
I don't know why people embarrass themselves here?...satisfy yourself in the ways you know how...this is a dating site and what you post gives a glimpse in who you are...as Dr. Phil says...how is it working for you so far?...
thumbs up Loulou
Am I missing something? doh Do what comes naturally!doh
First, do not advertise the fact that no woman wants to be with you(even if it's true). No woman wants a man that no other woman wants.

Second, tone down how h*rny you sound. This is a thing that creates the impression that you're a man who can't get laid. Another thing which says that you are a man that no other woman wants.

Lastly, if you dispel the notion that you're crap with women and women begin to see you as worthy of being with then you need to offer some sign that you're a man who would commit to her - read: tone down how h*rny you sound.
Oh and never, EVER, entertain the idea of using prostitutes. I don't know why you'd even mention it. Losers use prostitutes. And you may be morally against using prostitutes, but you sound like you would use prostitutes if you didn't have this moral objection, and a moral loser is still a loser.
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