Day 4

I have just endured day 4 of my company’s liquidation. Everyone is cranky. My associate in my department is now angry with me. A customer was there and my coworker asked me a question. I sort of disagreed with the pairing of a headboard to a customers bed frame. Now, keep in mind, this position still pays a commission. At the same time, all sales are final. Because of my answer, she lost the sale and was very angry with me. I responded, if you don’t like my answers, don’t ask me the questions. I wasn’t being bitchy. I only have concerns that if the pieces did not fit, the customer can’t return the piece. All I could think of was, do we want an angry customer over a $20.00 commission? Well, she said she won’t ask me anymore questions.

Now, if I had known I was supposed to agree to make the sale, I might have gone along with it. It’s her ear that would be bent if it didn’t work. Still, is it worth it?

Sitting in the dark. 5 more cold nights until electricity.

Until next time, see ya. :)

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Ps. Just because a screw can go through a hole doesn’t make it right.
...couldn`t have agreed more to youre Ps. Who wants a sore a**?uh oh

cool wine
I prefer to work with animals.
Give her $20
It's kinda like if guy pursues a girl here and she tells him they would not be a good fit by simply not responding to him. Which is their polite way of telling a guy to piss off not interested. Yet, nobody knows for sure until they take the time to find out if anything may fit.
However pairing up furniture to make a home appealing is probably more easier and obvious than pairing up people.
@ Akeldama ... takes two to tango, if she says NO then that's all you need know, Actions speak louder than words and NO REPLY absolutely screams the answer.

@Palmfrond ... I guess it's always been an unwritten rule in sales that when a colleague asks a question to 'conclude' a sale that one answers in the manner that helps them?

Tough situation, maybe everyone's cranky and taking it out on one another ... liquidation / closing down sale ... the customer has no redress anyway ... do they?

Does that mean you have no electricity for the next 5 days? wow

Have you got a new job lined up when this place closes? I hope so. hug peace
Yes, Keeper, no electricity until payday friday. No kob lined ip yet. Today im washing some pants in the tub to hang dry. Thats life

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