Today’s ponderings

I have been pondering and reflecting on life. How the different elements mingle and swirl, forever being connected. How something I thought was scary or weird, well, I've discovered a new appreciation.

I will tell you about my thoughts on what I always thought was strange and scary.

It's understandable that one might be frightened if not informed. Knowledge sheds light on mysterious things. There is a thing that I didn't have much knowledge of. From what I'd seen in pictures, no two were alike and likewise for good looks. Then, I thought to myself, what if I have a similar shape, hidden. How amazing is that? I'm always surprised to watch an object change before my wide eyes. Nature is truly astounding. To think, I have been formed to fit an other person. Isn't that mind-blowing?

Being female, I don't know what this thing likes. I have been fortunate to meet someone who candidly suggests and coaches me in the art. As if I have a sculpture in my hand, I stroke it, feeling the smoothness. I examine it while tracing every curve. It's not ugly at all. It's beginning to grow on me

to be continued

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Are your creative juices starting to flow? Cool. Popped in to comment on your blog. Just got home, it's late.

Good night. sleep
Sweet dreams
what? You have to continue please, we are all fascinated to hear.
Btw, I looked for your poem about the ocean & white horses & couldn't find it, would love to read it, where is it? wave
Hello. That poem is lost in email
White horses

To write of white horses of the sea
An image came to mind as a film
With the thunder of hooves crashing
Brings forth salt rushing
Water circling
Around my ankles

Great Horses lunging
Gleaming coats frothing
From cool waters
They prance over

I watch their
laying back
Resting on

I allow them
They retreat
Then closer
Pushing sand
Over my feet

These horses
Dappled in
Greens and whites
Polished malachite
Force words and
Renderings from

A light hand does
These explosive
And with grace
They do bow
And arch their necks

And with light feet
They stretch skyward
Pairing with clouds
In sky
Strangely, I was thinking of the made-to-fit evolutionary model this morning.
beautiful, thank you kiss
Very cool
knowledge of something doesn't always change things. I know bears are dangerous, and knowing that doesn't make them less dangerous...
The Zoo or the Circus bears.wave at you.rolling on the floor laughing

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