Demographic Problem

This video is from 10 years ago. Was the prediction accurate? You be the judge.

The decline of fertility rate in Western civilization is dropping fast while Muslim fertility rate in Europe and the US is rising high.

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It contained accurate information when it was posted.

But it didn't anticipate the Migrant Crisis of '15.
So the timelines given for future demographic numbers have been significantly shortened.

Europe, as it's been thought of, no longer exists.
It is a mercy that the WWII Greatest Generation (Americans & the Western Allies) has mostly died off.
To have rescued Europe from Nazism and then witness what the vid presents would be excruciating.
If I had a relative buried in a European America Military Cemetery, I'd request his/her remains be removed to the U.S.

sad flower

Demography is everything !!!
The entire crisis in the Middle East is based on the Greater Israel plan of the Zionist who wholeheartedly encourage more emigration of illigal migrants in Europe and western world but not in Israel.
What future historians might be refer to as The Euro-Mohammedan Wars (of which the oft cited & maligned Crusades were a miniscule part) have been waged with various levels of intensity for 1,400 years...

It may be that those wars are coming to an end.
Mohammedanism appears to have prevailed.
European Civilization which emerged from the Dark Ages may be coming to an end.

It had a good run. It will be missed sad flower

Never give up ! wine
IF European Civilization can be rescued, this is how it must be accomplished...

These folks have done it before.

You haven't seen THAT on your evening news, eh?

Alright. But remember Mussolini used demographics to argue Italy would definitely win the war and that Britain, France, America and liberal democracy were doomed. The Fascists were obsessed with this argument.

And perhaps this has something to do with why this song came after the war

Millee, I've actually posted that video on forum. Tottaly agree with you. Poland and Hungary leading the way...
Have you heard of Visegrad 4 ? thumbs up
I was aware of goings on in those countries, dream.
I was not aware of Visegrad 4 as such; I now am.

Much obliged for putting me wise tip hat
Na Zdrowie! cheers

I would argue that you yourselves are evidence that you can't put too much faith in demogrpahic projections. The western muslim birth rate is lower now than 10 years ago and the borders are much tighter than they were 2 years ago.

What bothers me about you lot is that some of things you propose as solutions have already been achieved and you don't even realise. To be fair immigration into Europe has drastically reduced this last year or so. If nothing else this tells me you don't really care about the future of society. The issue never seems to matter, everything is an ammunition.

If hypothetically speaking the liberals were gaining control over the immigration problem you would saboutage the effort and jeopardise the future of western civilisation to help you get in power today. You would cause great harm purely for the sake of making yourself relevant. We know you don't care at all, we know it's about you, and we know that power is the reason you pursue power.
Mr Miclee, I am not Russian. I am of Croatian descent. laugh
Thanks anyway. I understand because Slav languages are close ...
Don't listen misinformed lefty, muslims are multiplying.
Find on YouTube Visegrad 4 and watch Victor Orban / Hungarians and you will fall in love with awakening of sanity and would want the same for your country.

RUSSIAN, Dream?!?!...very mad...boxing
I'm of POLISH descent batting

na zdrowie pointing Polish head banger

na zdoróv'je pointing Russian tongue

NA ZDROWIE, Dream! cheers

United Kingdom
2010 research found that White Britons (defined as White English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish-born citizens) will be a minority in the UK by 2066 if immigration continued at the current rate. The 50 per cent mark will be passed much quicker among schoolchildren, students and young workers. Foreign-born mothers accounted for a quarter of births in England and Wales. Both Leicester and Birmingham were expected to become "majority minority" during the 2020s. Two London boroughs were already majority non-white in 2001.

The same researcher in 2016 stated that "I made a projection in 2010 the White British population would cease to be the majority in the UK by the late 2060s. However, should current high levels of immigration persist for any length of time, that date would move closer to the present. Britain would then become unrecognisable to its present inhabitants."

The 2011 census found that White British were only 44.9% of the population of London. The group Other White were an additional 14.9%. The absolute number of White British had decreased by 600,000 from the earlier census in 2001, indicating large scale White flight from the capital city.

A 2014 study stated that 14% of the population was non-White. The number was expected to increase to up to a third of the population by 2050. In the 1960s, they were only 5% of the population.

Already in 2005 White Britons were less than 2/3 (64.4%) of newborns in England and Wales. Irish/Other White were an additional 5.1%.

Mixed race persons were in 2014 stated to be the UK's fastest growing minority ethnic group.

In 2016, mothers born outside the UK accounted for 28.2 per cent of live births in England and Wales.

The name "Muhammad" has, with slight spelling variations, been the most popular baby name in England and Wales every year since 2011. Birmingham is predicted to become minority White British by the end of the decade.

The cities are always going to be the most multi-cultural

Once you go outside the big cities, it is rare to see anything by white faces
aka - Population Jihad

"All kinds of Jihad are aimed at creating the dominance of Islam in the world. Population Jihad is aimed at achieving that objective by increasing Muslim population.

"In a similar question here on Quora, I have replied in detail. 'To increase Muslim population by force or subjugation has been seen as an objective of Islam by ISLAMIC SCHOLARS* and also by other scholars. There are several direct commandments in the Koran for Muslims to eliminate non-muslims and make the entire world an Islamic world.'” 
* Emphasis mine - Mic

This deserves another look today.
W, Micman, others. Well, how is any of this different from the deep wishes of many liberals who hate America and much of the West. Self loathing, guilt based hatred is often the strongest. It really is a lemming sort of dynamic, presenting a challenge to the non lemmings among us. The dynamic is pretty clear. The guilt and self loathing become bolstered by a sense of superiority over what is perceived to be the knuckle dragging rest of us. Compare this with the wealthy Holywood communist party members during McCarthy times. They saw a depression, and thought that novel economic theory was the answer. Actually, not the worst of intentions, within the stupidity/guilt. Soon the warnings began to mount. Stalin, Hungary, Gulag Archipelago, Iron Curtain, Berlin Wall, lots for the military---shabby/scarce consumer things, and much more. And Islam, the religion of peace? Beheadings, bombing of many westerners (some Muslims often present and killed), Madrasahs, Isis---and other such intolerant movements, Sharia Law, 9/11, and much more. One doesn't have to be a weather girl, to know which way the wind blows, no?
immigration gives them the right to be French or English or whatever so they r not all muslims then and second what do u suggest we make world to them after the europian countries stole everything that they had if Europe doesn't want any kids it there fault people should work together hand in hand
This is how you create an Islamic country.
how are you going to have a population if you keep aborting the future generation?
Hans4711: "Slipping Away"(meet us in the puzzles)

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