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stooie1971stooie1971 Threads (131)

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What would you do?1,06724Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 19
What would you do?1,00027Aug 2010Aug 2010Apr 6
Is History Boring?3597Apr 2010Apr 2010Apr 5
Is History Boring? part two2552Apr 2010Apr 2010Apr 9
Water Fight3019Sep 2009Sep 2009Apr 9
New Machine At My Gym2437Jul 2009Jul 2009Mar 14
The Muppets!!!!! which one are you1,25876Oct 2008Dec 2008Apr 16
I believe in Father Christmas........... Do you1653Dec 2008Dec 2008Mar 21
What would you do Guy's if Gilly69 responded to your posts!!!!!2,931120Oct 2008Dec 2008Apr 6
Morning Euro-Peeps4,341189Oct 2008Nov 2008Apr 11
A Message from America1,57663Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 12
Women Volunteers Please.... I need to try some pick lines2,407149Oct 2008Nov 2008Apr 15
You get a phone call quite late at night2,259118Oct 2008Nov 2008Mar 11
WHAT THINGS MAKE YOUR BLOOD BOIL4,558154Aug 2008Nov 2008Apr 15
The Past.... can you ever forget it... do you still live in the past1,11048Sep 2008Nov 2008Apr 16
Closet Fan!!!!!45412Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 5
LEWIS HAMILTON52313Nov 2008Nov 2008Feb 25
And the King and Queen of CS for October is!!!!!!!!!!!!3491Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 10
Okay Admit It..... Who's got the Barnum Effect?70338Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 17
What's the Difference Between Men and Women?3549Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 13
What have your recently seen?2203Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 13
Everton v Manchester United78221Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 4
Just Checked the Time84532Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 13
I don't wanna dance2755Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 1
IT's SATURDAY.... watcha doin?2,743131Aug 2008Oct 2008Apr 19
I've really put an effort in to stay up late.....1961Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 2
Stooie's One Liner's...... enjoy52617Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 17
Stooie's Saturday Smiler's1,843107Oct 2008Oct 20088 hrs ago
I'll be two steps behind.............3707Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 6
Last day on Earth... you got as many choices you need!!!!40112Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 7
I'm Sad!!!!!!...............cheer me up96237Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 11
Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman2340Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 9
Favourite Food....94242Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 16
Best known Man in the World3109Oct 2008Oct 20081 hrs ago
The Smart Way to Catch Burglars2382Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 13
Weight Loss Program for Guy's2683Oct 2008Oct 20081 hrs ago
I've Decided................I'm Mr Perfect....1,23665Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 31
Who's the biggest Nutters on CS????2,434135Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 12
STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND - who would you take3,897189Jul 2008Oct 2008Apr 19
Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love!!!!!!!44919Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 22
Do I have a Life?62413Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 4
Words of Wisdom.... from The Showman2023Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 18

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