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White guilt3,448195Sep 2018May 193 hrs ago
Alababma ban Abortion2,585173May 15May 191 hrs ago
Do You Believe in Love at Firt sight97460May 6May 131 hrs ago
It's a Boy91158May 6May 115 hrs ago
Nigel Farage leaosahead in the European Election Polls34428Apr 30May 420 hrs ago
What do guys look for in a woman1,93795Sep 2018May 13 hrs ago
Woman arrested for IRA murder.1170Apr 23Apr 2316 hrs ago
29 year old shot by terrorists Lyra McKee43729Apr 19Apr 225 hrs ago
Shamima Begum gets legal aid39225Apr 15Apr 2023 hrs ago
Should you eat meat??53538Apr 10Apr 15May 20
My favourate33123Apr 13Apr 144 hrs ago
Tattood Ladies1,26380Apr 7Apr 107 hrs ago
The Perfect woman43929Mar 29Apr 6May 20
A young man or womans fancy.30321Mar 23Mar 27May 20
Bercow the most hated man in England amongst the Brexiteers52835Mar 19Mar 2013 hrs ago
Wales beat the f*ck out of Ireland28815Mar 16Mar 17May 19
Brexit will it ever happen71354Mar 14Mar 1513 hrs ago
Which accents do you find attractive and sexy75932Mar 10Mar 13May 19
Favourate Adverts4408Mar 10Mar 10May 20
Why do people lie1,44585Sep 2018Mar 724 hrs ago
no more referendums46223Sep 2018Mar 613 hrs ago
UK: Nigel Farage accuses social media giants of threatening democracy35922Sep 22Mar 6May 20
Trump shines through again36112Sep 25Mar 614 hrs ago
Dennis Nordon21214Sep 2018Mar 6May 20
Megans wedding dress secrets76747Sep 29Mar 6May 20
My love Cortana26213Mar 3Mar 6May 19
Hungary and Poland fight back37613Oct 1Mar 5May 18
Brilliant three minute speech by Le Pen24611Oct 4Mar 5May 16
Europe commits suicide1,71877Sep 24Mar 5May 20
Christians flee Germany1,30856Aug 2018Mar 5May 19
What is your DNA history46029Feb 28Mar 312 hrs ago
candy coated kisses.23419Mar 1Mar 119 hrs ago
Jewish Hypocrisy on Immigration80846Oct 11Feb 28May 20
Britain starts to take a hard line on British female defectors.52026Feb 20Feb 27May 19
Women SAS and SEALS22016Feb 24Feb 2640 mins ago
Stalking37522Feb 22Feb 24May 17
Big Brother is watching You34722Feb 16Feb 16May 19
Bomb set off in Derry1,14856Jan 20Feb 12May 17
take a chance.49123Jan 1Feb 8May 16
He did the peoples Brexit in1,729119Jan 16Feb 7May 20
Bring back the Common wealth of Nations3756Jan 16Feb 7May 18
Woody Allen, Abuser or lover2836Sep 2018Jan 19May 18

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