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White guilt6924823 hrs ago16 mins ago4 mins ago
Naom Chomsky explains thewests form of censorship3193320 hrs ago14 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Buskersand beggers24016Sep 10Sep 1716 hrs ago
Death in the Philipines12014Sep 16Sep 167 hrs ago
What do guys look for in a woman86669Sep 14Sep 163 hrs ago
China is making elephants extinct18818Sep 13Sep 144 hrs ago
Burt Reynolds dies39430Sep 6Sep 139 hrs ago
Britain is still leaving Europe66654Sep 6Sep 95 hrs ago
New trails open up for migrants1357Sep 7Sep 821 hrs ago
merkel versus germany54947Sep 5Sep 7Sep 16
British benefits system24613Sep 5Sep 64 hrs ago
Immigrants on a six figure salary55044Sep 3Sep 614 hrs ago
old man arries 12 yearbold99380Sep 3Sep 315 hrs ago
Christians flee Germany55917Aug 21Sep 1Sep 16
Cut down om social media17713Aug 31Sep 1Sep 15
Will you still love me tomorrow44430Aug 22Sep 12 hrs ago
Don't lie94359Aug 29Aug 3115 hrs ago
Trump says Mexico will pay, and then goes on17913Aug 27Aug 29Sep 14
say no to second Brexit vote41435Aug 27Aug 278 hrs ago
Greek Cypriot invent English words1409Aug 26Aug 26Sep 15
Nigel Farage on Brexiy1498Aug 26Aug 26Sep 15
The German people fight back1,08657Aug 23Aug 25Sep 17
HMS Queen Elizabeth40425Aug 18Aug 2315 hrs ago
Does the end justify the means21318Aug 21Aug 21Sep 15
Introversion v Shyness1183Aug 21Aug 2114 hrs ago
Muslim goes mental when questioned77555Aug 20Aug 2118 hrs ago
The Pope speaks out on Child Abuse28721Aug 20Aug 206 hrs ago
Egyptair hijacker deported1185Aug 19Aug 20Sep 17
Be grateful for what youhave, are you??1277Aug 19Aug 1911 hrs ago
Gifted children35935Aug 18Aug 18Sep 17
burkas and bank robbers70044Aug 8Aug 18Sep 13
What is laughter and why do we laugh16818Aug 16Aug 16Sep 12
Armagh18414Aug 15Aug 15Sep 9
Thr Saudi Canada Clash1,38298Aug 11Aug 1513 mins ago
State within a state in Australia54637Aug 12Aug 1517 hrs ago
Big Brother Google is watching you16810Aug 14Aug 142 hrs ago
Manchester shooting24720Aug 12Aug 12Sep 17
Heat wave31320Jul 26Aug 223 hrs ago
EIRE PRIME MINISTER38627Jul 20Jul 29Sep 16
Britain wins23919Jul 28Jul 29Sep 13
Brexit gets a bit nearer17910Jul 26Jul 27Sep 14
Britain is Stockpiling food and drugs1694Jul 25Jul 25Sep 14

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