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Dear Western Europe1,05097Sep 2528 mins ago24 mins ago
White guilt1,54881Sep 1710 hrs ago7 hrs ago
Why do people change84161Nov 1011 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Guy Fawkes Night67453Nov 512 hrs ago56 mins ago
black girls1,19958May 2012 hrs ago37 mins ago
Have you dated another race or culture1,37397Nov 1113 hrs ago47 mins ago
Beautiful Cork from the air24310Oct 1722 hrs ago5 hrs ago
Great Britain Eire, border.1839Oct 6Nov 1316 hrs ago
We remember1,09662Nov 11Nov 123 hrs ago
What always makes you laugh or cry38229Nov 7Nov 127 hrs ago
Do you like beer , wine or cocktails1,07692Nov 8Nov 115 hrs ago
older women dating younger man1,19376Nov 4Nov 114 mins ago
What's your favorite food38633Nov 7Nov 1112 hrs ago
Are you a romantic46137Nov 7Nov 1013 hrs ago
What Were You Like As a Kid, or Where Did You Grow Up?45348Nov 8Nov 95 hrs ago
. Do You Prefer the People in Your Life to be Simple or Complex?15316Nov 9Nov 95 hrs ago
If someone made a costume of you, what would they wear?15019Nov 9Nov 93 hrs ago
Can you love your friends1,562119Nov 8Nov 97 hrs ago
Where do you work12412Nov 8Nov 812 hrs ago
What are you most proud of37330Nov 7Nov 815 hrs ago
What are your goals dreams35334Nov 7Nov 87 hrs ago
What are you passionate about or feel strongly about621Nov 7Nov 710 hrs ago
Trump sends troops to stop the Caravan1,752108Nov 1Nov 66 hrs ago
The office Christmas party.15713Nov 2Nov 2Nov 12
The land where women rule18214Nov 2Nov 2Nov 13
Back in time46039Oct 31Nov 2Nov 12
The British NHS prepare to franchise itself overseas14711Oct 29Oct 30Nov 12
Harry and Meg in Oz522Oct 28Oct 28Nov 9
Theme song for CS1485Oct 26Oct 2822 hrs ago
Gagging the Press902Oct 27Oct 28Nov 6
the Eire Border1,15090Oct 19Oct 263 hrs ago
Harry and Megan expecting a baby79142Oct 15Oct 25Nov 9
British soldier fired on say so of imam37324Oct 12Oct 171 hrs ago
Did man create God3,542238Oct 8Oct 1644 mins ago
Jewish Hypocrisy on Immigration41534Oct 11Oct 1612 hrs ago
Teresa Mays brexit deal to be rescued14113Oct 14Oct 142 hrs ago
How to guarantee a girls attention58437Oct 2Oct 1112 hrs ago
Europe commits suicide1,45475Sep 24Oct 94 hrs ago
Queen of the World1,042105Oct 7Oct 86 hrs ago
Kavanaugh1,737120Oct 4Oct 89 hrs ago
Hungary and Poland fight back25812Oct 1Oct 5Nov 12
Brilliant three minute speech by Le Pen16310Oct 4Oct 418 hrs ago

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