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Britain starts to take a hard line on British female defectors.1841224 hrs ago12 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Big Brother is watching You22722Feb 16Feb 164 hrs ago
White guilt3,207194Sep 17Feb 14Feb 19
Bomb set off in Derry1,03156Jan 20Feb 124 hrs ago
take a chance.44723Jan 1Feb 8Feb 18
He did the peoples Brexit in1,577119Jan 16Feb 72 hrs ago
Bring back the Common wealth of Nations3346Jan 16Feb 7Feb 17
Woody Allen, Abuser or lover2336Sep 18Jan 194 hrs ago
May survives the vote39530Dec 12Jan 157 hrs ago
Sweden speaks out1,612102Sep 30Jan 1414 hrs ago
Birmingham bombers29618Oct 1Jan 14Feb 18
Leaving the EU on the 29 March, deal or no deal58143Jan 14Jan 148 hrs ago
May is running scared96064Dec 11Jan 12Feb 19
How cruel.70939Dec 20Jan 9Feb 17
Jeremy Corbyn attempts to no confidence May again17214Dec 18Jan 8Feb 19
Should the Wtndrush generation be deported36428Dec 5Jan 823 hrs ago
China has landed a Space Probe on the far side of th Moon35633Jan 3Jan 7Feb 18
Do you have any New Years Resolutions this year99271Dec 26Jan 1Feb 18
HAPPY NEW YEAR AUSTRALIA17212Dec 31Dec 314 hrs ago
French move closer to revolution4,631313Nov 24Dec 294 hrs ago
Kurds deserted by the Americans.1,34695Dec 19Dec 289 hrs ago
Jeremy Thorpe attempts to No Confidence May again!!20517Dec 18Dec 27Feb 18
Sweden adopts a Crypto currency27911Dec 21Dec 25Feb 18
Belgium protests25915Dec 16Dec 1722 hrs ago
Allahu Akbar1,558102Dec 12Dec 149 hrs ago
Have you dated another race or culture3,996226Nov 11Dec 125 hrs ago
Big Brother Google is watching you34317Aug 14Dec 4Feb 16
A taste of Plymouth UK from the air25918Nov 26Dec 2Feb 18
Are we alone in the Universe1,680147Nov 24Dec 18 hrs ago
say no to second Brexit vote78645Aug 27Nov 2914 hrs ago
Mathew Hedges is released1297Nov 26Nov 26Feb 18
British Police ram moped thieves off the road72259Nov 23Nov 2512 hrs ago
black girls2,30897May 2018Nov 22Feb 19
merkel versus germany80652Sep 5Nov 22Feb 17
New trails open up for migrants2298Sep 7Nov 22Feb 19
older women dating younger man1,71879Nov 4Nov 21Feb 18
Mathew Hedges jailed for life by Saudis32821Nov 21Nov 21Feb 18
Gifted children48137Aug 18Nov 202 hrs ago
International men's Day Nov 1990565Nov 19Nov 2024 hrs ago
Christians flee Germany1,08951Aug 21Nov 1812 hrs ago
The land where women rule31817Nov 2Nov 18Feb 19
We want Brexit1,889122Sep 23Nov 1717 hrs ago

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