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Do you want everything or do you want the option to choose?118119 hrs ago6 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Are you a Perfectionist, in any way?1,189117Mar 248 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Are humans Territorial?23122Mar 249 hrs ago34 mins ago
Self Confidence as opposed to No Confidence!12718Mar 24Mar 2441 mins ago
Does an irrational person irritate you, or do you have unending patience?36326Mar 22Mar 242 hrs ago
Are you a Handyman or Not?1,396119Mar 17Mar 231 hrs ago
Really - Men / Women have a love life with kids younger than their own!54129Mar 19Mar 231 hrs ago
IQ & The Gift of the Gab - Can you see the connection?23914Mar 13Mar 2319 hrs ago
Unconditional Love...1,256114Mar 21Mar 222 hrs ago
a Change is as good as a holiday!45041Mar 20Mar 225 hrs ago
The March of Time15314Mar 20Mar 211 hrs ago
Sapiosexual / Demisexual / Androsexual / Asexual / Graysexual !!!70659Mar 17Mar 194 hrs ago
EGO - How comfortable are You with it?81748Mar 15Mar 182 hrs ago
Name Calling - Good or Bad1082Mar 18Mar 1810 hrs ago
Negativity - Do we need it?1,738146Mar 13Mar 1616 hrs ago
Do you prefer to know where you stand with someone?1,47590Mar 14Mar 167 hrs ago
Strong / Weak - How do you handle Life?48959Mar 15Mar 1611 hrs ago
RULES - Do you obey them all?1,060106Mar 14Mar 1615 hrs ago
Trust - does it increase / decrease with Time?1,330111Mar 12Mar 1618 hrs ago
Illusions never fail...1579Mar 12Mar 143 hrs ago
You go to a restaurant - What do you Order?14910Mar 11Mar 1313 hrs ago
Your Soul - Do you feed it?1,313105Mar 11Mar 1322 hrs ago
Why are people so quick to find fault?76049Mar 9Mar 129 hrs ago
Shout!!!82193Mar 10Mar 1216 hrs ago
Cats and dogs, and all feathered ones and other animals - Don't forget nature too!!!!1648Mar 2Mar 1114 hrs ago
Morale - How many try to kill it?20311Mar 10Mar 1116 hrs ago
Love, Kindness, Forgiveness for All.71745Mar 9Mar 916 hrs ago
What would you call FUN in your life?23412Mar 9Mar 916 hrs ago
Why do people try to discredit others - knowing it's made up - stirring trouble?2,335133Mar 7Mar 93 hrs ago
Someone in your life - to what extent will you go?53232Mar 9Mar 96 hrs ago
How often has Your Parents / Ex / Partner / Kids told you that they Love You?50337Mar 8Mar 816 hrs ago
Shells - What have you done with them?52228Mar 4Mar 822 hrs ago
Anger - Violence - Murder!1,14176Mar 5Mar 815 hrs ago
Hope / Dream / Believe / Love40132Feb 27Mar 78 hrs ago
How much of a dare will you take on?34725Mar 6Mar 7Mar 24
Religion / Philosophy / Spirituality1,11982Mar 3Mar 74 hrs ago
If you could choose: What do you want Most in this World?1305Mar 6Mar 616 hrs ago
How Predictable are you?47321Jan 1Mar 52 hrs ago
Children - ages 0 to 12 - How do you treat them?32124Mar 5Mar 516 hrs ago
The ideal relationship?39617Feb 6Mar 522 hrs ago
Health / Wealth / Royalties902Mar 4Mar 4Mar 24
At times we all are Moody!30723Mar 3Mar 3Mar 24

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