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Do You Really want Someone in Your Life...69347Jun 178 hrs ago1 hrs ago
If you have Nothing Good to say - Rather Say Nothing at All...7387613 hrs ago9 hrs ago41 mins ago
What do you call Junk...?1,05274Jun 119 hrs ago10 mins ago
Making time for the things you used to love...1722313 hrs ago11 hrs ago1 hrs ago
What is your Motto in life...45745Jun 1514 hrs ago4 mins ago
Do you prefer plain English - or a Fancy Write-up that you must research first?35930Jun 1815 hrs ago53 mins ago
Droppings...84059Jun 14Jun 186 hrs ago
The Main Item of requirement for all - are now...18310Jun 9Jun 187 hrs ago
How rich is your country in natural resources?993Jun 18Jun 187 hrs ago
Subliminal messages, on any viewing mechanism...27516Jun 13Jun 1818 hrs ago
Why have we not found that special person yet?35531Jun 17Jun 1723 mins ago
Do you feel:- You deserve love and happiness?916Jun 17Jun 177 hrs ago
What have Frogs, Fireflies, Weeping Willows & Vlei got in Common?1052Jun 17Jun 1723 mins ago
For Once / Twice...Forever...?771Jun 17Jun 173 hrs ago
Miniature?23324Jun 16Jun 165 hrs ago
Forgive & Forget - Can You?1,13093Jun 14Jun 166 hrs ago
Oh...How I love...2059Jun 12Jun 1610 hrs ago
Don't be squeamish - Give it up...934Jun 16Jun 1614 hrs ago
What is in a name?1678Jun 14Jun 1512 hrs ago
What about it?2217Jun 8Jun 155 hrs ago
an Eye for an Eye...1,08751May 11Jun 156 hrs ago
Music from the heart...712Jun 14Jun 146 hrs ago
How different are you anyway...?40519Jun 11Jun 1424 hrs ago
What do you want Baked / Cooked / Boiled...99454Jun 9Jun 144 hrs ago
Hypnotism...Have you tried it...3528Jun 13Jun 142 hrs ago
Verbal Diarrhoea…2405Jun 10Jun 1417 hrs ago
Do you react differently - depending on your culture?38826Jun 11Jun 137 hrs ago
Uninvited Guests - and Unwanted too...77045Jun 10Jun 13Jun 18
Which Social Media, do you frequent?1706Jun 4Jun 1310 hrs ago
The woman, who only lives once...2024Jun 7Jun 133 hrs ago
Let's play numbers...81045Mar 28Jun 12Jun 17
Attraction...66040Jun 8Jun 1224 mins ago
How organised are you?14614Jun 11Jun 1224 hrs ago
Sunglasses34223Jun 10Jun 1114 hrs ago
Vulgarity / Condescension - Does that make you better than others - Compared too...27713Jun 10Jun 117 hrs ago
Why not better, sweeter, loving, kind...31727Jun 9Jun 94 hrs ago
Trump - What will we do with / without him...33421Jun 8Jun 818 hrs ago
Do you like to see your words on the Internet...?77642Jun 4Jun 65 hrs ago
What are we here for in this lifetime...?52523May 28Jun 56 hrs ago
From Soft Natured to Fighting Fit...55946Jun 5Jun 56 hrs ago
Being called Crazy, with No Proof...2,12031Jun 3Jun 35 hrs ago
Cat got your tongue...?1985Jun 2Jun 22 hrs ago

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