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Have you spotted someone you like...1,42041May 2019Oct 2019Jul 31
If you have Nothing Good to say - Rather Say Nothing at All...2,491106Jun 2019Oct 2019Aug 1
Let's play numbers...2,80195Mar 2019Sep 20196 hrs ago
Why have we not found that special person yet?1,80973Jun 2019Sep 201910 hrs ago
Anger - Violence - Murder!1,64477Mar 2019Aug 2019Jul 27
Do you prefer plain English - or a Fancy Write-up that you must research first?1,19540Jun 2019Aug 2019Jul 28
Cat got your tongue...?86324Jun 2019Aug 2019Jul 28
What are we here for in this lifetime...?87124May 2019Jul 2019Jul 25
Playpen...1,51457Apr 2019Jul 2019Jul 27
What about it?63818Jun 2019Jul 2019Jul 29
Wisdom - Some are born with it - or it's acquired with age - and some never...1,35551May 2019Jul 20195 hrs ago
The main reason for talking to others...1,32348May 2019Jul 2019Jul 27
The ways of the World...42415May 2019Jul 2019Jul 28
How different are you anyway...?73119Jun 2019Jul 20192 hrs ago
How organised are you?37815Jun 2019Jul 2019Jul 10
Do you feel:- You deserve love and happiness?1,03823Jun 2019Jul 2019Jul 31
Don't be squeamish - Give it up...4207Jun 2019Jul 2019Jul 19
What is your Motto in life...1,98176Jun 2019Jul 201913 hrs ago
Are You someone Important...?61311Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 29
We forget too easily...2,22028Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 27
What have Frogs, Fireflies, Weeping Willows & Vlei got in Common?5259Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 16
Some days are more important than others...2483Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 14
For Once / Twice...Forever...?4338Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 28
When do you know someone is exclusively yours?1,90684Mar 2019Jun 201912 hrs ago
Making time for the things you used to love...82037Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 17
Do You Really want Someone in Your Life...1,38647Jun 2019Jun 20194 hrs ago
What do you call Junk...?1,57274Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 29
Droppings...1,31859Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 30
The Main Item of requirement for all - are now...35410Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 30
How rich is your country in natural resources?2833Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 28
Subliminal messages, on any viewing mechanism...47116Jun 2019Jun 201914 hrs ago
Miniature?60824Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 29
Forgive & Forget - Can You?1,71493Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 30
Oh...How I love...4359Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 28
What is in a name?3318Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 26
an Eye for an Eye...1,47751May 2019Jun 201919 hrs ago
Music from the heart...2052Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 31
What do you want Baked / Cooked / Boiled...1,43654Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 31
Hypnotism...Have you tried it...6307Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 27
Do you react differently - depending on your culture?68826Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 31
Uninvited Guests - and Unwanted too...1,15045Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 27
Which Social Media, do you frequent?3166Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 30

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