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i hate that i love you

i try to hard to make it work girl this time your the jerk always telling me im no good then loving me and saying its all good but its not you tell im like poison and i can go to hell and rot i would never cheat on you but for you everyday its someone new i hate that i love you you love that you hate me maybe this is all a dream hate me if you want because nothing is as big as my heart
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Posted: Oct 2010

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that sounds to be very complicatedsad flower
could be real complicated thanks for the comment my friend
Hi, stillframe,
True love has the power to restore. Under its spell, one feels better about self and other. Without it there is doubt, frustration and loneliness. The search for true love continues until it has been found.
man!!! forget! her!

that AIN'T love

someone better will come along, give it time.
I once heard it put - new love was like a pan of water coming up to the boil and when simmering, you are left with real doubts.
If you have doubt early, then in my experience, it doesn't get easier, just more simmering and less good heated passion...
Then of course we all know about the fine line between love and hate...take care, or you'll get a worse burn...Niah
thanks my friends
Sounds like you better call it a day. Sometimes waiting for better days makes it worse.
Nicely put.
thanks bro
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