8 Natural Ways to Overcome Depression

8 Natural Ways to Overcome Depression

Depression is a common mental affliction that affects more than 100 million people around the world. It can take a heavy toll on a person's quality of life and career, as it can lead to disturbed relationships and loss of productivity. However, when possible try to refrain from using drugs to beat the blues, as they only treat the symptoms and may cause side effects. Here are some natural and holistic ways to help overcome depression and lead a happy life.

1. Pinpoint the Cause of Depression

Try to identify the reason you are depressed. Is there something you can do about it, or is the cause beyond your control? If it is the former, take positive steps to solve the issue. If your depression is because of reasons beyond your control, work to accept the fact, put your mind at rest, and move on with your life.

2. Get Plenty of Sunlight

Depression is common during winter when even the days are gloomy. Staying indoors in the dark will only worsen the symptoms. To get rid of the blues, go out for a walk and enjoy the light outside. Try to spend more time outdoors in the sunlight to boost your happiness.

3. Exercise Regularly

You don't have to mope all day if you feel depressed. Allot time for simple yet vigorous exercises like swimming, brisk walking, and running. Research reveals that workouts release feel-good chemicals in the body. Therefore, try to exercise regularly to beat depression.

4. Try to Get Sound Sleep

Vigorous exercise can also help you sleep more soundly. This is important as lack of sleep means you would be worrying at night too. Research on the Internet, or consult a sleep expert about how you can sleep better. A rested mind is more likely to feel positive and less depressed.

5. Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

Try to put mind over matter to overcome depression. You can do this with the help of meditation and mindfulness techniques. Meditation can provide your mind and body with deep rest and relaxation. With consistent practice, you will become more optimistic, positive, and confident. Practicing mindfulness will make you aware of the moments when your mind feels depressed. Simply watch the dark thoughts with detachment and don't let them affect you. You will realize that depression is an illusion that can be ignored and overcome with awareness and determination.

6. Keep Yourself Busy

Sitting idly will only make you think more about the reason behind your depression. Get active and do things you love and cherish. Identify your passions and indulge them every day. Make your life more fun and purposeful to get rid of that gloomy feeling.

7. Find Ways to Socialize

Join a group or club to meet like-minded people who share your interests. You can also go online to share your thoughts and feelings on social media. Don't brood alone, but try to mingle with those you can identify with. An active social life can help you feel more sunny and positive.

8. Boost Your Self-Confidence

A confident person is less likely to feel gloomy and depressed. Gather your strength and think about the successes you have had in life. Positively affirm to yourself that you have overcome many problems in life and you can easily triumph over this one too. Give yourself a mental boost to feel upbeat, and confidently prevail over the issue that is causing the blues.


Although there are times when counseling and medication are needed, don't take depression to heart. Focus on the positive aspects of your life, and try to forget about the reason for depression. Rebound from the negative feelings, and move on confidently to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

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