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His Way

Each time we speak, your anger comes forth
I can resist, as I have shown you before
Such anger I know, it lives so close
How much more, must I endure? Let your anger go, keep it no more
Your anger is your crutch, your way out
The cost is high, the pain is great, let it go I say, let it go….
Your anger pulls me in, you lash out, and I defend
I stand my ground, yet you condemn
Judgment cast, I stand my ground
Unfair words cast out, I say, “stop,” defend my ground
I forgive and let you know, yet such anger you still know
What to do, what to say, tell me please and I will say
Just forgive and let it be
I get cut, bleed some more and stand up once more
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010

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Excessive expression of anger, they say, indicates hate of one's self. It has nothing to do with the person anger is directed toward. I believe it, having first-hand experience. Very little you can do about it, unfortunately.

It's not your fault.

sad face :( hope this is not a real situation and if it is get the F out.
Hi, spnglish,
When His Way is cutting anger, the poem's "I" should go another way - toward love. Love may cause one to cry at times but should never repeatedly make one bleed.
i understand my friend
Hi Spnglish

The sentiments expressed by elo777 might not be the most elegantly expressed I have ever heard - but he has hit the nail fair and square on the head: GET RID!

Thank you all for your comments.wave conversing
Sometimes standing your ground is best done after retreating from battle and letting the enemy withdraw. If the relationship is worth saving, anger itself is the enemy.
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