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Purity once had a name,
And beauty once had a face.
Life once had a meaning,
And once I was safe.
Once there was freedom,
And once I could laugh.
Happiness once was alive,
And once I had another half.
Once I shared her love,
Once I was by her side,
Once I felt I fitted,
So quickly that died.
Her grace so great,
Her beauty so vast,
All I ever wanted,
Was for it to last.
Fate maybe had another plan,
Or maybe she had another love,
But it all fell apart,
The hand too big for the glove.
Now it's all dead,
Happiness, joy, love; all memories.
Now I walk alone in this dark, dark world,
With no light to guide my way.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2011

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Comments (4)

so heart felt i know that place
Poignant fallenangel.

A life without a felt sense of Love can feel crushing, indeed.

May the quiet of the darkness gently lead you back to the Light ~

gnj4uonline today!
Hi, fallenangel7191,
Once such love has been experienced, one cannot rest until one discovers love again. With such tender emotion, all cannot be dead. There is much within these lines to lead the way into the future, with all of its possibilities.
Some tears may never dry. And sometimes the darkness may never see the light. No matter how much we fight..Fighting for a lost cause.. Never to smile again.
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