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A Beautiful Stranger

A Beautiful Stranger

Have you ever locked eyes with a beautiful stranger?
And at that instant, chills go across your body as if a hint of danger.
A strong handsome man starts inching across the room,
And what he sees in her eyes can almost consume.
For in some way you know she is not a stranger.

This woman in black with the captivating stare,
She personifies up all the stuff that romance novels ensnare.
She is poised, passionate, and erotically powerful.
Men can act aloof, but excruciating desire makes them tremble.
No matter how long it takes him to cross the room, she is truly the symbol,
Of that legendary woman that few men can possess.

Amazingly, he turns away, when he realizes that this woman is not alone.
Another man enthralled has fixated his course to her with a kiss.
No question to this man’s actions, he leaves with lost expectations.
But days go by with an insatiable yearning to see her once more.
He feels compelled to return to her and bravely explore.

For no words or names were exchanged,
This man could be a stranger, brother, or friend.
He rushes there embracing the hope that nothing has changed,
Hoping to lock his eyes on her once more,
While knowing his excitement will transcend.
But sadly, the enticing stranger is never seen there again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
It is so neat how pictures can make a story or a poem... This woman copied and wrote a part of my poem that I hope she enjoyed.. and in my head I wrote a poem for Odette67, fabulous picture of her.. and made a poem... I hope you like it.. since you are on this site for poetry, this is your poem form your picture. Which is stunning... amazing black and white of you... from one photographer to who took the picture it was a great picture of you.

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Comments (5)

I pay tribute to you milady poet...a beautiful Liar ...
Dont know if my use of the english language with it's meaning is correct ...if there's a mistake ,i would gladly learn from someone learned such as you!
I take my leave ...
Good day
Hi bythecoast

This is a most intriguing write and a lesson in free verse composition. It is uncanny when someone can feel that a photograph is almost speaking to them.


This is an excelling write,beautiful poemhandshake wine M.M
Hi Susan,

It is true that sometimes a picture can inspire poetry. I've certainly been subject to that. Nicely expressed in this poem. bouquet
Many thanks Blythcoast for such a beautiful poem...It is very rare for me to have a compliment from a woman.doh teddybear purple heart
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