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Earth Spirits

November 4, 2007

Subtle shape shifters, spirits of water magic,
kin of the wind since time was very young.
The secrets of the ancients, known to earth and sky,
praised by human voices - earth spirit song.

Each bird, and every creature to crawl or fly,
speaks in its own way to share this grand tale.
The magic that welcomes every dawn with a sigh,
parting two worlds through a thin misty veil.

Spirits of thriving vine and wise grandfather tree -
spirits of the meadows, marshlands and field.
Mountain spirits whisper to virgin lakes and streams,
worlds unto themselves, untouched and concealed.

Deep caves, high cliffs and spirits of thundering surf,
carry forth mist where plump blackberries grow.
Earth spirits of root, leaf, bark and fertile soil,
entwined in sacred rhythm, life's unending flow.

Spirits of cloud, of equal seasons and weather,
touch every living thing, each day and night.
They turn the crisp pages of history's making;
the journey awaiting each of us to write.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Inspired by my trip to Ireland in 2006. I could feel the life in everything, everywhere. Such an inspiring journey. I now have a way to revisit without the cost. It's called

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Comments (19)

Googlenation rocks doesn't it! laugh Wouldn't it be nice if life was just this full of magic instead of us just feeling it that way? The mists here in the mornings tend to make me imagine I live inside a cloud here sometimes when I can't see the horizon with it so dense! But I have a practical and logical mind dear lady and while I enjoyed your lovely poem and the magic feelings it evoked my feet stay firmly planted here amidst the mists.

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Hi LadyBee!~ So delightful to hear from you. I'll always opt for magic, but don't have to go far, for it's there...right there in front of me every day. This poem is about what IS there. Thank you for stopping by. ALWAYS lovely to know you're out there and it's a blessing when you touch my life with your words and kindness. Hugs!~gift
orientalkoruonline today!
What would we do without Googlenation? I've visited places many times before I am physically there, thanks to google; makes travelers trips so much easier...loved it, enjoyed the readteddybear bouquet
I can see where the Irish countryside comes into this wink Beautiful poem.
Thanks Oriental and Chaptain for you comments. So sweet and much appreciated. Blessed be and a glorious week ahead. Celtic
Some more
Another bit of magic for St. Patty's Day and the wee folk. My love of fantasy writing will keep my grandchildren entertain for years to come. I'm feeling a bit of wimsy today and wanted to share something uplifting. Comments welcome. Celtic!~gift
The last two lines my beautiful friend is what wedo. Our fellow eloquent writers Yankee and Niah they beautifully capture the picturesque elements of nature and i'm so happy to share them

Love you dear friend.
Of course there are many others like you and I do feel so grateful on all your writes

Thanks my friend
Beautiful Celtic.....loved the mystical base.....Kathydancing
Thanks ladies for your kind words and loving support. I felt the need to connect with some of my older poetry and send some good wishes. Blessings to you and thank you again for the bright light that shines in me when I hear from folks here on CS. Celticwine
Morning all. Thought I would toss a bit of inspiration out there. It's like faery dust and you never know where it will settle. Blessed be to all and Happy New Year!~ Celticwine
Nice to see you back my dear friend. How is life treating you?

Back here as it gives me a therapy just sharing and reading. Great read as usual. The last line specially.

Take care my friend.

Phyllis teddybear teddybear bouquet bouquet gift
Well hey there yourself. Sent you a separate email to get caught up. Glad you liked this poem and thanks for your comments. Blessings to you girl. Celticwine
wave Sounds like Ireland is magical wine
Goddess, indeed it is. Ireland is the most magical place I've ever been to and I know I have a past life connection to it. There is no other explanation for the things that happened there. Blessed and I hope you will read my other poems about Ireland and things of a celtic nature. Have a wonderful day! Thank you, Celticwine
hug magic and mystery, the world would be so lost without itbouquet
lots of love and light
Tracy hug
Hi Celticpoet

You captured the thrill of your visit in this magical wonderful poem
Really Beautiful.

Martina xxxhug teddybear angel wave
Thanks Lady Jewel, so true. I am always on the look out for faeries around me and magical things that no one else sees. Blessings! Celtic
Martina, thank you. I feel inspired to write today and we'll see what else I come up with. Blessings.
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