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Precious Bits Of Being

February 27, 2014

We may twist in the wind like autumn leaves,
colorful, yet unappreciated.
We may thrive on the laughter of others,
without hearing our own voice, gifted.

How often have you wished and imagined
a partner there with you, sharing the dance?
Two souls meeting, feeling lighter than air,
lost in sweet wonder and budding romance.

A child’s smile, blessed innocence.
Songs, sweet voices, like lovely violins.
Moments of perfection that thrum the heart.
Hearts resonate as those perfect rhythms.

Will someone in pain remember I care,
and allow me kind words to dry their tears?
Dear ones, you need not cling to your secrets.
Where is your good fight to conquer your fears?

Glorious sunsets are meant to be shared.
We gather in awe, with hardly a word.
Day and night merging with a loving sigh;
that single heartbeat of oneness is heard.

What shall unfold as I greet the new dawn?
Gaia, she speaks in soft joyful whispers.
Life tingling within every single cell,
and I ponder the blessing forgiveness stirs.

Ah, the simple heart-shout of holding hands.
Love heals, comforts and is soul freeing.
Touch, compassion, acceptance, and closeness...
I’ve missed all these precious bits of being.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2014
About this poem:
The mind, processing what a busy day of living calls forth.

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Comments (19)

Simply beautiful hug cheering bouquet
I feel a dimond heart breathing hope and joy
in your every word.
My dear friend, it is so nice to read this and I have missed it..

Take care..
And welcome back...How is everything for you. Happy mother's day my friend..
They are precious and some or most take even the little things for granted, but its never too late to enjoy. Stop and admire the magnificence of even a grasshopper and behold. Well written and nice to see you .I expressed…Jessegrin wine
GirlyGirl, thank you for kind comment. Blessings and Happy Mother's Day to you if it applies. I figure every woman is a mother in how she nurtures, loves and cares for others. Blessed be! Celticcheers
Hi Cafe, GOOD to hear from you. I have been one busy Lady this year and do so apologize for the long absence. Hope all is well with you and yours. Thank you for that GLOWING compliment. I can't say I've ever received one like it. Blessings and be well this spring day. Celtichug
To LindsyJones, well how the heck are you? Good to see your smiling face on my page this fine day. I am doing well and regrouping my mind on several things. There's been much change in my world and some days its over the top, but I'm still here and reinventing myself where I need to. The place I've worked at for nearly 19 years has been bought and I was rehired by the company, but they VERY DIFFERENT ways of doing things and in some things my confidence is needing some dusting off. You know how it is. Glad you liked the write. Message me by email and we'll chat more. Celtichug
FJames, thank you SO much for your comments. So sweet of you! I am honored by your message. Hope all is well with you and its good to be here this day, chatting with fellow poets. Blessings!
Well you know me Ill always be arounddaydream
really very beautiful painted piece excellent angel
James, thank you for the reminder and good to know. I love this site and all who are a part of my circle of poets, friends and life. It mean more to me than most know. Blessings! Celtic
DarkHorse, that is so special and thank you for gracing me with such a lovely compliment. I am so honored. This poem was a whirlwind when it happened and was so much more to it than met the page. Have a wonderful day! Celtic
Welcome back Celtic!hug Thanks for posting this gracefully beautiful poem. Inspiring I thought, how you do. : )
Hey Poet, GOOD to read from you also. Thank you for kind words and its good to be here. You are one of the people here that I have a wonderful connection with and I hope we stay in touch. You always know how to reach me. Private message me, please, and let's get caught up, k? Thanks, Celtic
No problem sent you one.
Celtic reunion
it's good to see and read from you.
your poem is beautiful!
Hi BEAUTIFUL (I love that you call yourself that). Thank you for you compliment and I loved the emoticon with the out reached arms. OMG, that made me feel SO good. I felt I was being hugged for real. So sweet. Hope you are having a marvelous Mother's Day. Don't know it you're a mom, but you have a mom and no matter where she is, I trust you're sending her lots of love today. Blessings girl, Celtichug
Poet, got the message and responded. Chat soon, thanks!
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